Neekolul buys $2 million apartment after BMW sponsorship


“Eat the rich!” Proud socialist/communist Twitch streamer Neekolul flaunts USD$2 million apartment and $100K convertible BMW after criticising capitalism.

Nicole Sanchez, commonly known as Neekolul, is living it large through Twitch donations, ad revenue, and corporate sponsorships. However, old posts she used anti-capitalist and pro-communist phrases. Now she’s being slammed for her $2,000,000 Dallas apartment tour YouTube video.

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Last month Neekolul reportedly signed a million dollar sponsorship deal with the BMW Esports division. The almost 30 streamer shared a series of pictures on he social media of her with a custom BMW blazer, blue checkered pattern miniskirt in a 2022 BMW M4 Sports Convertible worth up to $150K.

In the tweet Neekolul refers to herself as “Beamer girl” a wordplay on her nickname — “OK Boomer girl” — which she earned from her viral TikTok where she endorses socialist/communist US politician Bernie Sanders. BMW’s official Twitter account retweeted the pictures confirming that they were in a professional relationship and sponsorship with Neekolul.

Neekolul BMW 2022

The car that Neekolul was modelling in, and later seen driving, was the yet unreleased 2022 BMW M4 convertible now dubbed the BMW M4 Competition Convertible with M xDrive and is worth up to $150K. It’s no secret that her boyfriend is a huge BMW fan so it is likely that he encouraged Neekolul to get a sponsorship with the company so he could be one of the first people to get his hands on the car.

Some of that sponsorship cash helped Neekolul buy a USD$2,000,000 luxury apartment that she revealed on her YouTube channel in a video called $2,000,000 Apartment Tour (My New Apartment).

Neekolul’s USD$2 million (and something) apartment is in a skyscraper in the heart of Dallas, Texas, and appears to be a penthouse since it has a beautiful view of the city skyline.

“I wasn’t thinking I was going to show you guys this but I might as well show you,” Neekolul says while standing out on the balcony of her USD$2,000,000 penthouse apartment overlooking the Dallas, Texas, city skyline, “but we have a pretty sick view.”

Neekolul then gives her audience a tour of her walk-in wardrobe and reveals a plethora of designer wear outfits and footwear worth more than a small suburban home. She then moves on to the “west wing” of her luxury LA apartment and shows off her “streaming room” which has a gaming PC worth approximately USD$5,000 not including her three monitors and expensive accessories and peripherals which she mostly uses to play Among Us.

Nicole Sanchez's closet/wardrobe

In her “streaming room” Neekolul has yet another walk-in wardrobe, or rather her “second closet”, filled wall-to-wall with luxury brand items, accessories, and clothes.

“The last thing I want to show you guys is my closet … my second closet … okay … listen … listen! I just like to shop a lot, okay! I like clothes. I Like looking cute, okay, so don’t judge me,” an excited Neekolul stated, but — oh boy — did they judge her. Neekolul’s $2,000,000 apartment tour video has 4,000 dislikes and 1,500 likes and the majority of the comments are calling her out on her hypocrisy.

Before buying the apartment Neekolul had endorsed socialist Bernie Sanders on her platform, slammed capitalists, and even went as far as to using communist revolutionary phrases such as “eat the rich” and “tax the reach!” The Twitch streamer does not shy away from political discussions during her livestreams and a lot of her fans agree with her opinions. But now they are calling her out for “engaging in and supporting capitalism.”

Neeko YouTube video comments 1

“What a great example of socialism,” one user responded to her YouTube video, adding, “Lenin would be proud.”

Another user encouraged her to share her $2,000,000 LA penthouse apartment with homeless black men, saying, “Wow stunning and brave, she should let 20 homeless black men move in with her, for the sake of equality.”

Another added, “Imagine becoming the thing you were crying and pandering about,. A rich stuck up boomer.”

Neeko apartment YouTube video comments 2

Before Neekolul was a famous internet celebrity she was exposed poor shaming low income earning hospitality and retail workers and accused them of being entitled. Neeko made a Twitter rant about how entitled waiters are, stating that it’s not her responsibility to pay them.

Get an actual job that pays minimum wage. I’m not giving hand outs that they feel entitled to because they brought me one drink and a plate,” Neekolul Tweeted in 2017.

Some of her fans were absolutely shocked with what she had to say about low income earning wait staff. One fan responded that they didn’t go get a waiting job to become rich of tips, but just to make-ends-meet as it was the only available option. Neeko immediately fired back, tweeting, “Hahaha. Tell me where you work so I can go there and NOT tip you because I’m not obligated to. Go find a real job that pays minimum wage.”

[mv_video doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” jsonLd=”true” key=”uyixs9eshzpfvqrpdzef” ratio=”16:9″ thumbnail=”” title=”Neekolul almost burns house down live during cooking stream wearing a maids outfit” volume=”70″]

She even admitted to hating paying taxes: “Hey, Home Depot isn’t paying me minimum wage so the customer better tip my because I walked them to where the hammers are.’ Oh, but the taxes?! We all pay them!”

Perhaps Neekolul is just pretending to be a Bernie Sanders supporting socialist for the views and likes because her actions are speaking much louder than words and her actions clearly say that she’s very happy benefiting of the thing she claims to hate with a burning passion: capitalism.

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