Neekolul doxes Cleveland musician who called her “chubby”


Neekolul doxed small-time musicians from Cleveland after he called her “chubby” in an Instagram post where she was promoting her 100 Thieves merch.

Nicole ‘Neekolul’ Sanchez seems to reverting back to her nasty old self by insulting people much less fortunate than her on social media — the socialist TikTok and Twitch star doxed a middle aged rock musician for calling her “chubby” on Instagram.

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Neekolul took great offense to a single comment made by a Cleveland based rocker and took to social media to publicly, name, shame and humiliate himself in front of her 700K Twitter followers. However, it could be said that the mad brought this on himself.

“Someone’s gettin’ chubby,” one fan commented on an Instagram post where a modestly dressed Neekolul was plugging some of her 100 Thieves merch. The 24-year-old “OK Boomer girl” TikTok sensation is usually not shy and uses every chance to show her lumps and curves on social media.

Neekolul even boasted about how expensive her fake boob job costed and stated that she would not spend so much on surgery if she intended to hide them. She makes sure she wears very lowcut tops during her photoshoots and livestreams to emphasis her enhancements, so people found it a little strange that she’d be covered head-to-toe in this particular photo.

One one fan pointed out that she’s looking a little chubby, especially around the cheeks, she instantly retorted by posting his personal Instagram page on social media for her hundreds of thousands of fans to see.

Neekolul chubby

“The audacity,” Neekolul tweeted, adding, “You can’t look like a thumb and comment about looks.” The socialist egirl made a small effort to hide the person’s identity but ultimately failed to censor the fan’s Instagram username, city, and personal photos.

As a result hundreds of Neekolul fans rushed to his Instagram page and bombarded him with hateful messages and threats. He even had to remove the link to his personal Facebook page.

However, in a strange turn of events, the man meant the chubby comment as a compliment. As is clear from the man’s looks, he’s a bit chubby himself and most likely was not body shaming Neekolul, but rather welcoming her to the dark side.

jscultz1226 of DAYOLDHATE
More hate comments

Seems as though the man is not shying away from the publicity, though. Perhaps getting called out by a massive TikTok/Twitch celebrity will help his band DAYOLDHATE out.

Jesse Schultz is the drummer of a small stoner-rock group from Cleveland, Ohio, called DAYOLDHATE. They definitely have that old school rock/metal vibe, so if you’re into that — but we seriously doubt Neekolul fans will be — they are worth checking out.

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