Neekolul gave pet dog away because she got too fat


Neekolul’s pet Shih Tzu, Uni, wasn’t “what was promised” and she gave her up for adoption when he became too big and blames breeder.

Neekolul slams breeder for lying about her Shih Tzu pet dog, admitting that she was disappointed that wasn’t a cute tiny dog and gave her up for adoption. Plans on going back to a “proper breeder” to get an actual purebred dog.

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Today Neekolul went live on Twitch to with a “very exciting announcement.” Before making her announcement, Neekolul addressed the criticism about about buying a USD$2 million apartment revealing that she had received several death threats. She also said that the reason she likes to “flex” is because she has never had nice things and grew up in a poor family and was always very humble, despite being exposed poor shaming low income earnings in 2017 and saying that she “does not do handouts.”

The 23-year-old Mexican-American Twitch streamer whose real name is Nicole Sanchez then announced that her and her boyfriend Nick are going to adopt a cute new pet puppy to keep in their 2 million dollar Texas condo.

Neekolul with "fat" Shih Tzu pet Uni

Some loyalist fans thought it was strange that Neekolul was going to adopt another puppy from a breeder especially since she already had a Shih Tzu called Uni. “What happened to Uni?,” one fan asked about her pet dog.

Her dog wasn’t cute enough.

Neekolul explained that she gave her pet dog up for adoption after having her for only two because her husband’s father begged to keep the dog. Although she claims that would have never given her to anyone except Nick’s dad, later in the stream she lets it slips that they were about to “return her.”

“Nick’s dad was like, ‘can I have her [Uni],’ and were like ‘yeah you can have her!'” […] “It was perfect timing, we had already had her for three weeks and didn’t want her to get more attached to us and we didn’t want to have to take her back.”

After realising what she just said, Neekolul quickly backtracks and paraphrases, adding that the breeder lied to them about how big she, their pet Shih Tzu Uni, would get and that she was getting too big for their “tiny apartment.”

Nicole Sanchez explains that she felt lied to and betrayed the breeder: “I got Uni from a breeder because they told me that she was going to stay small small. She’d be very tiny. But I don’t think Uni get very, very big and I was like ‘this is not what we agreed upon.”

She goes on to explain that Uni had many issues like anxiety, separation anxiety, and she overeats by “inhaling food.” Admittedly Neekolul didn’t like Uni because she also got too fat and blames the breeder, adding “I don’t think it was a real breeder.”

“She might have to go to dog school because she’s kind of crazy,” she said hinting that the dog had behavioural issues.

Her cat ran away.

At the moment Neekolul has no pets in her USD$2 million apartment but she did hint that she plans on going to a “real breeder” to get an actual small lapdog.

Neeko with her cat

This isn’t the first time has lost a pet. Neekolul admitted that one of cats she simply just called Cat ran away when she tried turn her into an “inside/outside cat.” Neekolul reveals that she wanted the dog outside during the day and inside during the night, but the cat eventually stopped coming home at night.

Perhaps Neekolul should reconsider her plans to adopt another dog. She doesn’t exactly have a good track record with animals: she gave one cat to her parents, one dog to her partner’s father and one cat ran away.

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