Neekolul loses subscribers after $2M apartment reveal


Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube star Neeko (aka Neekolul) loses thousands of subscribers and followers after $2,000,000 luxury Dallas apartment reveal.

Neekolul followed in the footsteps of Pokimane and decided to upload a video tour of her brand new USD$2,000,000 luxury Dallas, Texas, apartment. Sadly, some of her socialist fans think what she did was tasteless and now she’s bleeding followers and subscribers by the day.

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Two days ago Nicole Alvarado Sanchez, famously known as Neekolul or Neeko, uploaded a video called “$2,000,000 Apartment Tour (My New Apartment)” and it is her most disliked video today. The video has over 14,000 dislikes and only 2,000 likes and the comment section is slamming her for being a hypocrite.

While some of her fans are very happy for her success, other diehard fans are outraged because she’s “engaging and supporting” capitalism. Neekolul got a lot of followers when she endorsed far-left socialist US politician Bernie Senders for his presidential run in 2020. It was her “OK Boomer” video, where she was sporting a Bernie 2020 shirt, that skyrocketed her to internet stardom and a lot of the people who followed her because of that video also have a very anti-capitalistic views.

Neekolul understood her audience and went on to spout some far-left and radical political opinions during her livestreams. She’s even used the phrase of a communist revolutionary “eat the rich” to protest capitalism and often wears shirts promoting far-left political ideologies.

Neekolul shared several videos on her TikTok profile wearing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez merch with the text “TAX THE RICH” printed on it. When confronted by upset fans about her $2,000,000 apartment reveal she responded by saying, “by rich I mean billionaires. You’re not really rich if you’re only a millionaire.”

Her comments didn’t go down too well with her socialist fans and they’ve been unfollowing and unsubscribing from her channel by the thousands. Her Twitch channel lost several thousand followers in the last two days, and all of her social media accounts continue to bleed fans.

Neekolul loses subscribers and fans.

Neeko on Twitch losing subs

“I was a huge Neekolul fan. I loved that she was inspiring teenagers to research socialism. I’ve donated several thousands of dollars to her on Twitch. I’ve even been a tier 3 subscriber for about a year,” an upset former fan told us.

They continued: “I was a fool. Actions speak louder than words and Neeko definitely doesn’t practice what she preaches. She’s taking on big brand sponsorships, shilling for corporations and earning millions of dollars and instead of giving back to the community she’s buying expensive and useless crap for herself. I mean she fled the city with the highest homeless population and moved to Texas so she could save on taxes and spend 2 million on a luxury apartment in Dallas! That’s absolutely sick.”

Neekolul poor shaming Tweet 2017

“When I read your article on how she poor shamed that waitress it instantly clicked, Neeko is a fraud and she’s stealing money from real poor people so she can buy designer outfits, expensive cars, and a million dollar apartment. She’s [Neeko] the worst,” the former super fan concluded in their email.

It’s not only the million dollar apartment that is upsetting people. During the apartment tour video Neekolul boasted about loving to spend money on clothes because she likes “looking cute,” Neekolul has two whole closets filled from wall-to-wall with expensive designer wear worth more than a small suburban home. Her fans have even called her out on not donating any of the old expensive outfits she no longer wears to charity.

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Neekolul’s net worth or net income is currently reported to be somewhere between is estimated to be between $1 Million – $5 Million dollars. She has made such amount of wealth from her primary career as Twitch Star. However, if the trend of losing subscribers continues, Neekolul may not be able to afford staying in her Dallas apartment.

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