New York mayor, Bill de Blasio, booed on July 4th Twitch stream


Popular Twitch streamer Jinnytty attended a hot dog eating contest on July 4th, America’s Independence Day, in New York City. Democrat mayor Bill de Blasio made a guest star appearance and was booed by thousands during her livestream.

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28-year-old Twitch streamer who became a target of cancel culture after she made a joke about a fictional video game character is currently enjoying America’s Independence Day in New York City. Jinnytty is roaming around The Big Apple and broadcasting the celebration of other patriotic Americans, she also visiting noticeable landmarks.

Most New Yorkers appear to be in good spirits while celebrating. And it is very apparent that a lot of people are fed up with lockdowns and mask mandates as only a small percentage of people are actually seen wearing masks, and that includes Jinnytty herself.

One of the events that Jinnytty attended was Nathan’s Famous July Fourth hot dog eating contest at Maimonides Park in Brooklyn. New York’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, made a guest star appearance and was supposed to kick off the event, however, his presence was not appreciated and thousands of people booed at him shortly after his introduction.

Even people in Jinnytty’s live chat joined in booing the Democrat mayor.

Bill de Blassio booed on Jynnytty stream

Bill de Blasio can be heard trying to downplay the booing by laughing and saying, “that’s on me!”

The New York mayor was also criticised for his take on a Mexican oil disaster where he blamed capitalism.

Bill de Blasio was quick to inject his politics on the news of an oil spill, tweeting, “It’s not a movie trailer. It’s not a natural disaster, either. It’s what happens when we let corporate greed destroy our planet.”

The mayor’s detractors were quick to correct the mayor; the oil leak had absolutely nothing to do with massive American oil companies that drill in the Gulf of Mexico. Instead, Pemex, the state-owned petroleum company of Mexico, was behind the leak.

“In this case it is not corporate greed, Mr. Mayor. It is Government inefficiency, stubbornness and indolence to climate change. Pemex is a State-owned company. But it is a disaster, alright,” Mexican journalist Pascal Beltrán del Río said.

“Sir. PEMEX is a State-run oil company. It’s been badly managed for decades by the Mexican Government. It’s not a private sector business. Most of its production assets are old or damaged due to poor maintenance. This is not corporate greed but plain State negligence,” one person said.

“‘Corporate greed’ had nothing to do with it. The well and pipeline is owned by Pemex, founded when Mexico nationalized private assets. This is socialism in action, Spanky — government incompetence,” another person said.

But to the annual hot dog eating contest. Joey Chestnut set a new record after his 14th Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest victory.

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