Ninja threatens to sue Pokimane for slander


Tyler “Ninja” and Jessica Blevins threatens to sue Pokimane for slander and defamation of character after she makes false accusations.

Pokimane Anys and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, two of the most well-known Twitch streamers, have been embroiled in a heated exchange of words, with the latter threatening legal action after the former was accused of allegedly being a misogynist and using his connections to assist JiDion, a streamer who had been banned for life after allegedly ‘hate raiding’ her.


Pokimane’s live ended prematurely on December 13 because Twitch streamer JiDion launched a hate raid on her channel, with viewers abusing her and spamming comments like “L + Ratio.”

Jidion’s Twitch channel was immediately suspended for 14 days following the hate raid, and was quickly extended to a full, permanent ban on January 17.

As Pokimane revealed on her same-day broadcast, the tale is far from over. Ninja has now joked about Pokimane and other streamers being “bitches” while reportedly contacting his Twitch contacts to assist JiDion in evading a ban, which is against Twitch Terms of Service.

Tyler (Ninja) and Jessica Belvins to sue Pokimane for slander/defamation of character.
Tyler (Ninja) and Jessica Blevins threatens to sue Pokimane for slander/defamation of character.

The Blevins family has declared their willingness to sue Pokimane for disclosing private direct messages (DMs) between her and Ninja, implying that Ninja threatened her, and for portraying him as a sexist for “referring to women as bitches” during his livestreams.

During a livestream on January 17, Pokimane implied that Ninja was a sexist misogynist for a comment he made during a call with a fan who begged for the streamer to help have JiDion’s ban reduced.

“You can’t run around around raiding bitches on Twitch,” Tyler Blevins said in response to JiDion’s ban.

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While he explained that he “meant bitches generally,” Poki was left with a simple question: “I wonder if Ninja would have said “bitches” if it was a large male streamer who was raided.”

Pokimane’s statements sparked outrage among her supporters, who bombarded Ninja’s Twitter page and Twitch chat with abusive and slanderous messages, branding him a cruel incel and a sexist who preys on female gamers and women.

A private Twitter direct message sent to Pokimane by Ninja’s wife, Jessica Blevins, threatened to take legal action against her. Pokimane made the decision to release her direct messages (DMs) to her millions of admirers once more, further infuriating her already-enraged fans.

Pokimane crying because of JiDion
Pokimane implied that Ninja is sexist/misogynist and threatened her via Twitter DMs.

In a statement to Pokimane, Blevins stated, “We are considering everything defamation of character at this point.” She then cautioned that their legal team is now “getting involved.”

“You are spewing lies to tens of thousands of people,” Jessica Blevins concluded.

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