Oli London fires back at “woke mob” after transracial Korean/Jimin surgery


Controversial 31-year-old Instagram star Oli London gets plastic surgery to look Asian and now identifies as trans-Korean.

Social media influences faces backlash after undergoing controversial Korean transracial surgery to look more like their favourite K-pop star Jimin. Oli London now, officially, identifies as a transracial South Korean.

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No, this is not some TikTok filter. This person has had surgery so he could identify as transracial Korean and Jimin. Two years ago Oli London, 29, became a infamous when they spent close to a quarter million dollars on having work done to look like Jimin from popular boy band K-pop group BTS.

In an interview London admitted that they had a celebrity crush on the K-pop star and wanted to “feel closer to him” by trying to look exactly like him. But his quest for perfection became his addiction and Oli spent 5 years — and counting — going under the surgeons knife trying to look like Jimin. Today, in 2021, they finally believe they have completed their surgery, or as London puts it their “transition.”

Although Oli’s heart seems to be in the right place as the social media influencer spends a lot of their time promoting small causes and charities online, their surgery has attracted a lot of backlash from a lot of people.

Oli is transracial.

“If you can be transsexual you can also be TRANSRACIAL. ” London posted to his Twitter July 25th, adding, “Why are there such double standards & hypocrisy with people criticising me for being Korean. It’s the same as someone who was born in the wrong body and wants to become a man or a woman. I was actually born in the wrong body!”

He followed up sharing their pronouns as “them/they/kor/ean” with a picture of the a rainbow LGBTQ South Korean flag.

“This is my new official flag for being a non-binary person who identifies as Korean. Thank you for the overwhelming support it was so hard for me to come out,” they wrote.

LGBTQ South Korean flags

Sadly, after the Jimin/Korean surgery, a lot of London’s hardest critics are people who would, until now, call his own: K-pop fans and trans community. They have received a plethora of hate and death heads from the people who are supposed to support them. Although conservatives are also chiming in, they are not the ones who are outraged over London’s actions.

“Changing your appearance does not change who you are. You are a white man and no amount of surgery can change that. This is just racist,” a fellow non-binary follower commented.

Another wrote: “Kill it with fire. White man thinks having surgery will change him. White people suck!”

Jimin fires back at woke mob!

Oli fired back at those who called him a racist, explaining that it is not because it was done with nothing but love, admiration and respect. They then proceeded to slam the “woke mob” for supporting the Chinese Community Party while calling others racist.

“You wanna talk about ACTUAL racism? Why don’t you ask the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY what they are doing to 1.5 million Muslim Uyghur- being held in horrifying conditions in concentration camps in Xinjiang because of their ethnicity? That is racism. Speak out against that, Woke Mob,” Oli tweeted.

Oli London aka Jimin after South Korean transracial surgery

“China has 1.5 million ethnic minority Muslim Uyghur people in concentration camps where they torture & kill these innocent people. This is a crime against humanity. But why don’t the same people who spend all day tweeting their WOKE views against me speak up again REAL ISSUES?”

“How come all the WOKE MOB will devote all their time to threatening & bullying me for being non-binary but won’t speak out against human rights abuses in China? How come WOKE are silent on China’s concentration camps, clampdown on democracy in Hong Kong or oppression in Tibet?”

“I’m calling out the WOKE MOB. These are the people that always preach about liberalism, tolerance & respecting others but are the same people sending me thousands of death threats, telling me to take my own life, and bullying me because they don’t agree with who I am. Hypocrisy!” They conlcuded.

Since then Oli London has released a video where they discuss his race transition surgery story and how he become a South Korean.

“Guys, I’m finally Korean, I’ve transitioned and I’m so happy that I’ve completed my look.” Oli said, after 8 years of intense and extensive plastic surgery.

“I’ve been trapped in the wrong body for 8 years, and that’s the worst feeling in the world when you’re trapped and you feel like you can’t be yourself […] I also identify as Jimin — that’s my Korean name — not only that but I know it’s a bit confusing for some people because nobody has really come out as Jimin or Korean but this is something you would have known if you followed by journey for the past 8 years. I’ve struggled with identity issues and who I am.”

Park Ji-min, better known mononymously as Jimin, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and dancer and current member of the extremely popular South Korean boy band BTS.

Jimin has not made a statement on comment on Oli London’s transracial surgery into Jimin/South Korean.

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