Oliver Tree says Ethan Klein is not “culturally relevant” on H3H3 Podcast


Ethan Klein was humiliated and almost cried when Oliver Tree said he wasn’t “culturally relevant” during his H3H3 Podcast last week.

Ethan Klein and Oliver Tree decided to hash out their “Twitter beef” during the H3H3 Podcast and while many think the conflict is staged, people believe the singer/songwriter was being sincere when he said Ethan was not “culturally relevant.”


The Twitter beef between Ethan Klein and singer/songwriter Oliver Tree escalated to a real life brawl at the end of a very awkward two-hour long podcast.

Although the little fight seemed to be mostly just playful fun, some of the shots taken by Oliver Tree were harsh and definitely seemed to come from a genuine place.

When Ethan Klein complimented Olive Tree on the success of his latest music video for Cowboys Don’t Cry, the musician fired back: “It’s [doing better] than any of your videos, that’s for sure.”

“I mean — wait — what is the biggest YouTube video you ever dropped? Was it Vape Nation back when you were like still culturally relevant?

“I mean it as cool because you used to make stuff, now you just critique stuff, and there’s a big difference between people like me and people like you.

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“What happened? I think everyone one of your fans wants to know, where did it all go wrong?” Tree asked during the heated podcast.

Klein stated that he though that ‘people are still pretty happy’ with H3H3’s new direction and latest content, but Tree did not agree.

“I don’t think so! I think that a lot of people… I mean if you look at the cultural relevance and contributions, you were contributing and now you just sort of go after people,” Oliver Tree added.

Oliver Tree in Cowboys Don't Cry music video.
Oliver Tree in Cowboys Don’t Cry music video.

Ethan Klein’s content has become radically more political and he’s gone on online campaigns to censor and even de-platform people who don’t share his ideology. He’s known for creating a lot of Twitter drama by levying extreme allegations about his former associates.

“Was it the money or was it the fame,” Tree asked. Klein responded by accusing Oliver Tree of being jealous of his wealth and success.

“I’m not jealous, I am very happy for you and all your success and causing drama and hating everybody,” Tree remarked sarcastically. “I’m sure I’ll be on that list someday.”

Ethan Klein looked at his producers before warning Oliver Tree: “Let me remind you about something, you are on my show.”

Oliver Tree immediately struck back saying that the H3H3 Podcast sucks.

After the interview Oliver Tree took to Twitter to call out Ethan Klein and claimed that he made him, “a grown man” cry on his very own show.

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“I made [Ethan Klein] cry on his own podcast, go watch it before he takes the episode down,” Oliver Tree tweeted on Saturday.

Ethan Klein has deleted many old H3H3 Podcast episodes of his channel simply because he does not respect conservatives. Recently he deleted a thought provoking podcast featuring Jordan Peterson because of his political beliefs and then falsely accused the professor of being a racist transphobe.

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