OnlyFans model earns thousands after running over Canberra protestors


Unhinged Canberra local Chantal-Jasmine Fox earns thousand of OnlyFans (lil_miss_fox) after trying to run down anti-mandate protestors in Canberra.

Unhinged OnlyFans model and chef, Chantal-Jasmine Fox, has been branded as the “queen of Canberra” and has earned tens of thousands of dollars after going viral for trying to run over anti-mandate protestors. Police charged her for “negligent driving.”


The Canadian born chef known legally asChantal-Jasmine Fox went viral after she deliberately rear-ended a car stopped at a red light that displayed the Australian flag and freedom ensign in the back window.

When confronted by the owner of the car, Ms Fox lashed out at her, screaming, “you f*cking bogan sl*t, get out off Canberra […] Nobody wants you here.”

Chantel Fox does drugs. Image via IG: fantastic_miss_foxx.
Chantal Fox does drugs. Image via IG: fantastic_miss_foxx.

The 20-something year old Canberra chef and OnlyFans model, born in Kelowna — British Columbia, proceeded to insult and mock the protestor saying that she could get away with assault because the media didn’t care about the protestors, and she’s right.

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The media has been deadly silent on the anti-mandate protest, and even independent media has confirmed that there are approximately fifty-thousand Australians peacefully protesting at the nation’s capital.

Chantel-Jasmine Moana-Rose Fox OnlyFans (lil_mis_fox)
Chantal Fox promoted her OnlyFans on her Instagram (fantastic_miss_fox).
  • Profiteering of tragedy: More jobs have been lost and businesses have been closed as a result of lockdowns and restrictions. The anti-mandate protest has not impacted any businesses, big or small.

Chantal-Jasmine Fox drove up beside the woman and assaulted her with her car door before deliberately driving into the vehicle, ending up on top of the car’s bonnet, totalling it.

“Oops. Look at that. You got to call a tow truck,” Miss Fox mocked the protestor.

Another video shows the unhinged Canadian born Canberra chef and OnlyFans model storm out off her car and rip off two Australian Red Ensigns from the victim’s car before trying to attack fellow protestors.

“Nobody wants you hear,” Chantal-Jasmine Fox screams at shocked protestors while waiving around the Australian Red Ensigns. She then singles out a young blond lady and says she looks like a prostitute… which is ironic.

After the video of her vehicular assault went viral, Chantal Fox used it to promote her OnlyFans, claiming that half of the money she earned from the platform would go to the Lifeline charity, while admitting that she’d use the rest to pay for cat food and drugs.

Thousands of new fans have followed and subscribed to her OnlyFans account (lil_miss_fox) and contributed large amounts money and praised her for her violent encounter with anti-mandate protestors.

The ACT police department confirmed that Chantal-Jasmine Moana-Rose Fox will not be charged for vehicular assault or damaged and stolen property but she has received a small fine for “negligent driving.”

Negligent, or dangerous, driving comes with a maximum fine of AUD$3,300 and a prison sentence of 18-months for a first offense.

Additionally, the victim of Chantal-Jasmine Moana-Rose Fox’s road rage had to pay for her own vehicle to be towed after being totalled by “lil_miss_fox aka fantastic_miss_foxx.”

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