OnlyFans scam targets teenagers and minors on YouTube

Hey kiddos! OnlyFans is a family... friendly... service?

An OnlyFans clone site ( is being promoted by YouTube in front of family friendly of videos and it is a referral scam.

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Don’t click the YouTube ad for OnlyFans. The website is a referral scam that is targeting teenagers and content creators.

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Despite the OnlyFans CEO, Timothy Stokely, vehemently denying that his designed for homemade erotica, it only takes a little bit of research debunk that. The 33-year-old tech entrepreneur has a history of designing adult websites.

Back in 2011, Stokely founded a fetish website called GlamWorship. Stokely said he was inspired after browsing Reddit and realised the appeal of this specific category and felt that it was underserved, and so he launched GlamWorship.

With his father, Stokely later founded a website called Customs4U which allowed users to request made-to-order content directly from adult-film stars. Stokely later water to expand his userbase and rebranded the website to OnlyFans and now allowed all content creators over the age of 18 to earn money from users who subscribe to their content under the same premise.

Through his endeavours Stokely was even earned the title of “King of Homemade P*rn,” and he has been praised for making the s*x worker industry mainstream.

Although not everybody posts adult content on OnlyFans almost 99% of all creators on the platform peddle adult only content. The site is heavily promoted by popular Twitch streamers and YouTube content creators, like Amouranth and Alinity, and now there are thousands of underage girls doing a countdown until they are able to open an account.

The company has been criticised for grooming young underage girl with some of their ads and tweets. And now others are exploiting the apps referral program by marketing to young teenagers and content creators on YouTube.

A new ad has been popping up in front of family friendly video content on YouTube that paints OnlyFans as a family friendly service that is a YouTube competitor.

“Make money doing what you love on OnlyFans,” the scam ad says, adding, “Develop authentic relationships with your top fans. No ads, no algorithms! Fans actually see your content.

The website also shows a bunch of images of people doing normal every day things and they allege it is from OnlyFans content creators. However, the images used on the site are merely stock images.

Clicking on the “Join OnlyFans” button merely you takes you to the official site via a referral link. This scam website circumvents the sites new restrictions on the referral program.

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In an email sent to creators last week, OnlyFans announced that starting May 1, referral payouts would be limited to one year after the referee joins, instead of throughout the lifetime of the account. This, many creators say, is a serious blow to their income.

“The referral system is the only reason OnlyFans became a household name and, without it, there wouldn’t be an OnlyFans,” adult creator Arron Lowe told me. “I only referred people because of the lifetime five percent.” Lowe started a petition to try to persuade OnlyFans to reverse this change, which has 361 signatures in just a few days.

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