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Orion Simprini blames victims for being groomed in bizarre apology video

Orion Simprini blames victims for being groomed in bizarre apology video

The Orion Experience singer, Simprini, deleted an apology video where he alleged a minor lied about her age and insisted that it was “casual conversation.”

Orion Simprini, 46, posted an apology video on his Instagram account before removing it about allegations of grooming and sexual misconduct with kids. He does, however, blame his victims for allegedly lying about their ages, but that isn’t the whole story; he is into cat girls and Lolita.


The vocalist of The Orion Experience, Orion Simprini, published a weird apology video in which he blames the victim following the viral release of a 14-year-old victim’s account of how he seduced and groomed her into a “poly relationship” with him.

The apology video was initially uploaded to Orion Simprini’s now-deleted “ElderCatBoy” TikTok account, but was removed a few hours later.

“You may have seen some allegations on TikTok that say that I have been grooming minors. I want to address these very serious allegations with transparency and honesty so that you can make a judgement for yourself,” Simprini says in the video.

Orion "EldarCatBoy" Simprini with collar.
Orion “ElderCatBoy” Simprini with collar.

He continues: “The individual who made these allegations is someone who I had a casual conversation with in direct messages of my Instagram account.”

“Within the first 5 minutes of our conversation I asked this person their age. This is very important to me because we have a lot of young fans and I want to have the appropriate discourse with the people I’m talking to.”

Victim blaming.

Simprini shows one single screenshot of him talking to an unknown fan where he asks them their age, following it up by saying: “Oh, that’s cool! I always want to be respectful of the kind of discourse I have with my friends.”

Simprini adds: “I also want to make sure they are comfortable talking to someone my age. I understand that there is a large age gap between myself and my fan base. I bare no ill will towards this person but I wish they were honest with me. I would not have carried on the conversation if I had known they were a minor.”

“Even though this individual was dishonest with me, I want to apologise to them. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I’m sorry if I added any trauma to your life.”

The Orion Experience singer then addresses all the underage fans he’s interacted with on TikTok: “If I ever duet-ed with you on TikTok and made you feel uncomfortable, I apologise, that was never my intention. My intention has always been to celebrate the amazing creative people we have in our fan base.”

After Simprini uploaded the video many others came out with allegations against him, even an 11-year-old girl who claims the singer knew her age.

11-year-old said Simprini knew her age.

““He even texted us and I was like 11-years-old at the time and my friend I was like 12. And I said, ‘oh I’m 11’ and he said, ‘oh, that doesn’t matter, you’re still really cute!’ and he then started acting really sexual,” the 11-year-old girl alleged.

Furthermore, the screenshot seen in his “ElderCatBoy” apology video was not from a conversation with the accuser whose video went viral, demonstrating that there were several possible victims.

As proven by his accuser who was 14-years-young at the age she alleges she was groomed by Simprini, the messages they exchanged were more than just “casual conversation.”

Simprini tells the 14-year-old girl in multiple leaked screenshots that he loves her and wants to do “bad things” and “molest” her. He even offered to buy her a plane ticket so she could spend a few nights with him in California

Teenage girl admits she was his mutual.
Teenage girl admits she was a mutual of ElderCatBoy.

While Orion Simprini may have deleted his “ElderCatBoy” TikTok channel, a search for his name reveals old TikToks in which he was tagged or commented on, and after a bit of investigation, two things become abundantly evident: he seemingly only interacted with underage and teenage girls, and he was very into the “cat-girl” and “Lolita” aesthetic.

He likes cat-girls and Lolita.

One teenage TikToker who appears to be around 15 or 16 alleged that she as Orion Simprini’s “mutuals” or “moots” which is a term used for friends with benefits.

In a conversation with a fan who was just 14 years old at the time, Orion Simprini explains that he fell in love with her because of her cat-girl outfit.

The Orion Experience singer is into Cat Girls.
The Orion Experience singer is into Cat Girls.

Simprini messages a girl and tells her that was “fluttered” when he watched an underage fans TikTok video called “The Orion Experience turned me into a cat girl” and admits that it’s exactly what he’s been looking for in a “serious partner.”

The apology video seemed insincere and full of half truths, according to a lot of fans, especially considering that a lot of the fans he interacts with clearly appear to be underage. He also uses his status to promise his fans “true love” in a “poly relationship” with him in exchange for photos and videos. He sometimes even offers to buy them a discreet trip to California for sexual play.

The singer often goes live on his bands Twitch channel in which, most of his fans, are young women. That’s another medium where he can communicate with minors.