Papa John’s delivery guy refuses to hand over pizza to unvaccinated client

Papa John’s delivery boy refuses to hand over pizza until customer proves that’ he’s vaccinated and has all booster shots.

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“You came on my property and asked me a personal question because you’re scared,” Levi Dylan Adams, a gay conservative male was denied delivery by Papa John’s in Adairsville, Georgia in the United States for refusing to prove that he was vaccinated.


When it comes to vaccinations, the globe is growing increasingly split. While some people appreciate your decision not to be vaccinated, many on the left feel that the government should enforce mandates and restrict the rights of those who are not.

Unfortunately, starting of December 17, non-vaccinated individuals will be unable to enter bars, restaurants, special events, or even get a haircut. This authorisation to violate human rights is indefinite, as the government has not set an expiry date for this totalitarian statute. Millions of Australians have already lost their employment as a result of their refusal to inject an unknown drug into their bodies with no long-term data on its effects.

The Australian government is currently debating whether parents have the right to opt their children out of vaccines. Schools around Australia are already grooming youngsters to receive the vaccination, and as of January 10th, all children aged 5 and older may be obliged to be vaccinated by law.

Papa John's delivery driver refuses conservative
Papa John’s delivery driver demands proof of vaccination and booster shots.

Even left-leaning individuals are now attempting to illegally impose their own standards on others. A Papa John’s delivery driver from Adairsville, Georgia, in the United States refused to exit their car and pass out the pizza until documentation that the customer had been vaccinated and received all three booster doses was provided.

“You don’t come onto someone else’s property and ask if they’ve been vaccinated or not. If you’re scared then stay at home,” Mr Levi Dylan Adams angrily told the Papa John’s delivery driver.

In a TikTok video Mr Adams explained that the delivery driver got on his porch knocked on his door and then asked him to stand 6 feet (1.5 metres) back unless he could provide proof of the vaccination and all three booster shots. Mr Adams refused to show him proof so that delivery guy said he was going to put the pizza on the ground and that he had to get it from there.

“That man raised his voice and asked if I’d been vaccinated; first of all, it’s none of his business … If you’ve been vaccinated, good for you. Go about your life and live life to the fullest. Let’s not worry about people who have a right to live their life the way they want to. I’m not going to live my life like my neighbour lives his life, and he’s not going to live like how I live and that’s okay,” Mr Adams explained.

Levi Dylan Adams is a gay conservative living in Adairsville, Georgia.

Mr Adams claimed that he called the management of his neighbourhood Papa John’s shortly after the encounter and was informed that this is not the first time this staff member had requested proof of vaccination from a paying client.

Mr Adams concluded: “I was more concerned with the fact that he did no immediately leave my property and sat in my driveway with on his phone and his car door wide open after I had asked him to leave.”

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