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Patreon allows sexual exploitation of psychiatric hospital patients

Patreon allows sexual exploitation of psychiatric hospital patients

Controversial model, Marketa ‘EllesClub’ Novotna, coerces psychiatric ward patients into making erotic content and sells it on Patreon for a premium price.

P*rnography produced by patients in a Prague Psychiatric Hospital? EllesClub, model who was was awarded best Pornhub star at the age of 15, was sent to a psychiatric ward after attempting to end her own life. She’s now exploiting other patients and selling explicit photos of them on her Patreon page.

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The story of Pornhub’s child star Marketa Novotna, better known as EllesClub, continues taking on strange twists and  turns. Last week the now-20-year-old ex-p*rn actress announced on Twitter her intent to take  “60 pills of Fluvoxamin” right before handing off a final farewell to her fans on Twitter.

The post  was soon removed and the next day, Novotna announced through Instagram that she was in a  psychiatric ward and published exactly where she would be staying for her treatment at the  Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital located in Prague, Czech Republic. 

ELles self-harm

The day thereafter being admitted, Novotna posted a picture of herself with another patient at  the hospital on her Instagram account. The descriptions she attached to the photo entailed that  she was enticing other patients at the facility into taking sexualised photographs as well as an  announcement to her fans who didn’t see the post on Twitter of her attempted suicide and her  current residence in an asylum in Prague.

erotica filmed at psych ward

It didn’t stop there. Novotna also published a screenshot from a text message conversation  with her sister, Katerina, in which she details that she convinced the other patients to take  nude photographs with her with zero regard for her own (or their) mental infirmities.

Messaging conversation between Marketa Novotna and her sister. Translations from Czech to  English are provided.

Above: Messaging conversation between Marketa Novotna and her sister. Translations from Czech to  English are provided. 

Novotna also told her fans on Instagram that she intended to produce erotic/p*rnographic  content of herself and her fellow patients during her stay in the hospital when she should  instead be receiving treatment for her failed suicide attempt. As it stands, the condescending  photo of Novotna fraternizing with another patient has over 50K likes on Instagram.

EllesClub sells exploit erotica on Patreon

Whereas one would hope the victim of child sex trafficking would use the time she has in a  mental healthcare facility for healing and to recover from serious trauma, Novotna has  expressed utter boredom at the facility and has used the failed suicide attempt as a way to  garner attention from followers on her Instagram. While Patreon refuses to ban the model for  selling p*rnographic content made when she was only a minor, the company now enters into a  new category of illegal content about to be published on their website: non-consenting sexual  material.

In countries like the United States, mentally insane people cannot consent to sexual acts  meaning they cannot appear in p*rnography if they are deemed incapacitated for such. If laws  are not similar in the Czech Republic where the model is currently residing, it could raise a  serious legal problem for Patreon, a U.S.-based company, for selling p*rnography involving  mentally ill persons on its platform. California, the U.S. state where Patreon is based, also has  laws prohibiting sexual contact with mentally ill people rendering them legally and mentally  “incapacitated” to make a decision about something like that. 

While Patreon has maintained a code of silence and evasion of enforcing their own community guidelines and the law, the aforementioned is just part of several complaints of illegal sexual  content hosted by the website. Despite Jack Conte stating in an interview on The Rubin Report  that p*rnography is not allowed on Patreon, it has not stopped other users from selling it on  the platform. 

Novotna legal situation

Above: Novotna revealing her legal situation over Instagram.

Dr. Martin Hollý, the director of the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital, was informed of Novotna’s conduct by several others who reached out to him and several hospital staff through e-mail and Twitter. They did not respond with any comment nor have they indicated that the matter was handled at all as the model continues selling p*rnography of herself on her Patreon account made inside the hospital itself.

Patreon has also refused to take action against the model or the content portraying mentally incapacitated patients at the Bohnice hospital. This move of silence continues on Patreon’s behalf as more sexual abuse creators begin to be revealed to the public eye such as one who asks women to flash their bodies at the camera without checking their IDs to verify their legal age, or one very popular podcaster accused of paedophilia because of remarks made in support of lolicon, a form of drawn p*rnography that involves children.

  • UPDATE: EllesClub confirmed that these pictures were actually taken at Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital, however, she said all girls who were in the photoshoots with her were “willing participants.” We are unsure whether they were aware these photos would be sold online for a profit, or whether they were compensated for them.