People saved from malfunctioning ‘Magic Carpet’ Michigan Festival ride


Shocking video shows bystanders rush to stop a malfunctioning Magic Carpet ride at Cherry Festival in Michigan from toppling over and save dozens of lives in the process!

Dozens of festival goers almost died because of a malfunctioning Magic Carpet carnival pendulum ride in Traverse City, Michigan. Many bystanders rushed to the carnival ride to try to prevent it from falling over and potentially killing many people.

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An annual Michigan festival almost ended in tragedy after a carnival pendulum ride started violently swaying back and forth and almost tipped over, a viral video shows.

Attendees at the 95th Annual National Cherry Festival in Traverse City quickly rushed to the “Magic Carpet” pendulum ride Thursday when it started to dangerously sway, rocking violently back and forth while carrying over a dozen people. Although authorities are not clear what happens, a shocking video appears to show the ride come loose from its foundation.

Video shared on social media shows many onlookers and bystanders intervene and successfully stabilize the ride by using their body weight to try to anchor it down. To the relief of many onlookers at the Michigan Cherry Festival, as well as ride goers, the “Magic Carpet” pendulum ride eventually came to a stop a few minutes later.

Emotional riders got off the ride to a crowd of cheering people. The ride was immediately shut down after the incident. Fortunately there were no reported injuries or fatalities.

Cherry Festival ride almost ends in tragedy

The festival organisers and Arnold Amusments, Inc., have refused to comment on the almost fatal situation since this Saturday, Fox News reports. Nor has there been any additional information released on the cause of the malfunction.

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