Photo discrepancies prove that Heard’s friends staged penthouse rampage


New findings show major discrepancies in photographic evidence submitted to the UK courts proving that Amber Heard and her friends staged the event.

A UK correspondent has found more smoking gun evidence that Amber Heard, and her friends Ms Pennington and Mr Drew, staged
the scenes of destruction that they later testified were caused solely by Mr Depp as he rampaged through the penthouses swinging a magnum-sized bottle of wine, causing much damage as he went.

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“When providing photographic evidence in support of her allegations, Ms Heard inadvertently submitted two photographs of the same staircase landing in Penthouse 5 that included a small area of overlap between in the respective pictures,” our UK correspondent, Andy, reported.

“Within that overlapping area,” Andy added, “spillage that can be seen in one photo, is missing in the other, and broken glass is moved and/or added between photos.”

Definitely staged.

Andy asserts that the photographs taken by Ms Heard give irrefutable proof that she, Ms Pennington and Mr Drew staged the scenes of destruction.

“The first photograph below shows the entirety of the aforementioned landing. And, although not  immediately apparent, the second photograph shows a small part of that same landing with two  steps that lead to the mezzanine level,” Andy said.

Staged photos and evidence by Heard
Photo conclusively prove that Heard and friends staged photos for evidence.

“Even a cursory look at the part of the landing seen in the second photo, would suggest differences  when compared with the equivalent area in the top right corner of the first photo.” 

“However the two photos are of low resolution and are in fact partly cropped, and thereby do not  reveal the whole picture. On their own they neither give irrefutable proof that the scene in the first photo has been embellished, nor indeed that the landing seen in both photos is the same one.”

The above diagram shows two reddened photos along with two labelled magnified sections that conclusively prove that the landing shown in both photos is indeed the same landing. And directly below the photos are two stills taken from a 2008 walk-through video of Penthouse 5  before refurbishment. The two stills are of the same sections of the staircase as the corresponding  photos above, and again clearly demonstrate that the landing shown in both photos is the same landing. 

More evidence that photos were staged by Amber Heard’s friends.

Ms Heard testified that it was she who took all the photos of the damage to the property — however — the testimony of Mr Drew given on day 12 of the UK trial, contradicts that of Ms Heard in  that Mr Drew testified that it was in fact he who took all the photos.

Couldn’t say who took the photos.

“Regardless of who took the photographs, what is crucial is that Mr Drew and Ms Heard by their own  testimony were both present at the scene when it was being staged, and hence were both complicit  in that staging,” Andy writes in his report. 

Although Mr Drew gave a very accurate description of the damage caused to Penthouse 5 on the 12th day of the trial, with the same certainty he could not say whether the damage was caused before the first two LAPD officers arrived at the apartments. This was most likely due to the fact that they were aware of LAPD bodycam footage that showed that there apartment no damage done to the apartment and Johnny Depp was out of town.

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Furthermore, the metadata of those same photos reveal that the photos were taken at 21:31, just 12 minutes or so after the two officers had left the apartment, again, making it impossible for Johnny Depp to have caused the damage. Other oddities suggest that the metadata may have been altered to make it appear as if the photos were all taken at the same time.

“It is not only near implausible that eight such photos could have been taken within one minute, but  near impossible that all eight were taking within the same minute. And even less possible when  considering that within that same time the scene was further embellished by adding wine spillage  and removing and replacing glass fragments. This raises the question of the very real possibility that  the photo metadata had been doctored,” the report concludes.

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Johnny Depp testified that he did not pick-up a bottle of wine and start smashing things with and even Mr Drew, throughout all his testimony (statements, court and deposition), did not once  claim to have seen him even carrying a bottle of wine as he entered Penthouse 5, despite giving  detailed accounts of Mr Depp’s alleged aggressive behaviour toward him

The 22-page report also discusses how the the biased judge dismissed crucial evidence such as Heard’s own recorded confession and police statements that contradicted the testimony of Heard and her friends despite having already disparaged contemporaneous evidence.

This, on top of all all the other evidence of Heard’s perjuries and lies, is just one more nail in the coffin of Heard’s chances to fight Depp’s defamation suit that is set to take place next April.

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