Pokimane accused Ninja of threatening her in leaked DMs


Pokimane leaked DMs (direct messages) sent to her by professional gamer and Twitch streamer Ninja and accuses him of threatening her.

Imane Anys, a 25-year-old Twitch broadcaster known as Pokimane, disclosed DMs (direct messages) that Ninja, real name Richard Tyler Blevins, a professional eSports figure and Twitch streamer, wrote to her over JiDion’s permanent Twitch ban, claiming that he was threatening her.


“You’re making a big mistake,” a message between Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys reads. According to the Moroccan-Canadian Twitch queen, the Fortnite player tried to threaten her for getting JiDion banned for trolling her channel.

“You’re making a big mistake,” says Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins to Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys in a chat exchanged between the two parties. According to Pokimane, the well-known Fortnite player attempted to threaten Pokimane for pushing to get JiDion permanently banned from Twitch TV.

Ninja Blevins
Ninja harassed by Pokimane fans for talking to JiDion fans.

The message was leaked to eSports reporter Jake Lucky, who is famously known for being a massive fan of Pokimane.

“You’re making a big mistake,” Ninja wrote.

It appears that the material contains only a section of the conversation between Ninja and Pokimane, and that it has been pulled out of context in order to give the impression that Ninja is threatening the Moroccan-Canadian Twitch streamer.

Leaked DMs

You’re making a big mistake,” Pokimane leaked DMs between Ninja.

Pokimane went live to an audience of 20,000 people where she accused Ninja of helping a “misogynist incel” to ban evade on the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

During one of Ninja’s stream a person asked Ninja if he could do anything to persuade Twitch to reconsider the rather harsh permanent banned for “hate raiding” Pokimane’s stream.

Pokimane falsely accused Ninja of calling JiDion and “allying with him” in order to help reduce the harshness of his Twitch ban.

Ninja told JiDion fans to have “low expectations,” because Twitch treats “hate raids” very harshly.

Pokimane falsely accused Ninja.

Ninja responded to the request for help saying: “Professional advice, your boy is f***ed! Okay, so what a ‘hate raid’ is basically when anyone at all […] it’s like a negative raid to someone. My boy is quite literally f***ed!”

He did, however, agree to text his representative at Twitch, despite the fact that he stated that it would have little impact on his suspension.

Pokimane accusations
Pokimane calls DiJion “misogynist incel” and accuses Ninja of threatening her.

“I can text my representative and be like ‘JiDion says he’s sorry’ but I don’t promise a God damn thing,” Ninja added.

Ninja later assured fans that JiDion would receive a “small ban” because it was his first offence and it wasn’t that serious.

“Obviously it wasn’t a racist hate raid, which is what Twitch is trying 100 percent prevent […] it will be a short ban, he’ll be alright,” Ninja said.

DiJion ban upgraded to permanent.

The hate raid mostly consisted of a dozen of JiDion fans spamming “L + RATIO” into Pokimane’s chat.

JiDion receives permanent ban for "L + Ratio" raid.
JiDion receives permanent ban for “L + Ratio” raid.

Later, after Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys issued a call to action for other major streamers to openly denounce JiDion’s actions and other types of sexist behaviour on Twitch, JiDion’s suspension was raised from 14 days to a permanent ban.

Pokimane changed her Twitter handle to “incel slayer” soon after Twtich reported that JiDion had been permanently barred from the platform. She was clearly pleased with herself.

After Pokimane falsely accused Ninja of allying with JiDion and helping him evade his ban, thousands of Pokimane fans flocked to his channel to harass him for “helping a misogynist incel.”

JiDion apologises
JiDion apologises to Pokimane for “hate raid” begs Twitch to reconsider permanent ban.

Ninja eventually responded to Pokimane via a Twitter DM (direct message) saying that she was “making a big mistake.” The message was about her assumption that he was allying with JiDion to get his ban removed. However, Pokimane shared the private direct message (dm) and insinuated that Ninja had threatened her for calling him out for helping JiDion.


Pokimane continues to be the most popular and wealthy streamer on Twitch, with a claimed nett worth of USD$25 million. She earns millions of dollars every year via contributions from her primarily male audience, business sponsorships, and Twitch subscriptions, among other sources.

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