Pokimane changes Twitter handle to “Incel Slayer” and wages war on men


Pokimane doubles down on her ‘man-hating’ stance and changes her Twitter handle to ‘Incel Slayer’ and wages war on men.

Pokimane asserts that she’s had enough of toxic men on Twitter, on Twitch and in online games after being trolled by black American YouTuber named JiDion for having a boyfriend — changes her name to “Incel Slayer.”


Imane Anys, the Moroccan-Canadian Twitch streamer currently living in California–USA, is fed up with “sexist hate crimes,” and “misogyny” and has finally declared war on “incels.”

What is an incel? According to Urban Dictionary, an incel is an individual (most commonly male) who believes a lack of intimacy they experience is due to factors beyond their control such as genetics and systemic oppression, rather than their willingness, or lack thereof, to court those as ugly and inept as themselves, and see no purpose behind improving their lives, as it’s perceived as a coping mechanism.

However, Imane Anys, or rather Pokimane, uses the term “incel” as a blanket statement for all men who either don’t like or or disagree with her.

Pokimane says she's a victim of sexist hate crimes.
Pokimane says she’s a victim of sexist hate crimes.

If you don’t like Pokimane’s content, she’ll call you an incel to her millions of fans.

If you don’t Pokimane attractive, she’ll call you an incel to her millions of fans, as well.

Recently the 25-year-old multimillionaire Twitch streamer got into a bit of a spat with a black American YouTuber with 250K followers; barely 10% of Pokimane’s following. JiDion criticised Pokimane for being lazy and making terrible content after she watched every episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender on stream.

JiDion also accused Pokimane of lying to and exploiting her male fans by refusing to acknowledge that she has a boyfriend and is dating Hasan Piker.

A sizeable chunk of Pokimane’s earnings come from donations from her male admirers; she receives upwards of USD$10-20K of donations per month from her male audience.

However, bringing up the fact that she has a boyfriend in Pokimane’s chat will earn you an instant perma-ban from her channel, as will calling her male audience simps.

Furious Pokimane (Pokimanelol) delcares her self "incel slayer" wages war on men.
Furious Pokimane (Pokimanelol) delcares her self “incel slayer” wages war on men.

When JiDion and his followers brought this up during her stream last week, she abruptly ended her stream and insisted it was because she feared for the safety of her community and audience.

JiDion received a two-week long ban from Twitch for hateful conduct, a much longer suspension then Pokimane received for violating international copyright laws 30 times during her “watchparty” livestream.

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Pokimane, who previously admitted to playing video games less because she hates men, has yet again taken a firm stance against men in her industry and has changed her Twitter handle to “incel slayer.”

Pokimane made a call to action to challenge toxic masculinity and misogyny that, according to her, runs ramped on Twitch. Allegedly, female streamers, superficially gamers, are the biggest victims on Twitch despite revealing that Amouranth and Pokimane were the most watched and donated-to streamers in 2021.

Pokimane (pokimanelol) declares war on men/incels on Twitter.
Pokimane (pokimanelol) declares war on men/incels on Twitter.

“The hate that women receive within gaming has become so normalized, but we need to make it clear to our communities & platforms that it is absolutely NOT OKAY! Huge thank you to everyone who spoke up today (especially other streamers),” Pokimane demanded

Concluding her rally speech: “Let’s make streaming inclusive for all!

The motivational speech appeared to work as other big-name streamers spoke out in defence of the “atrocities, hatred and abuse” that the Pokimane had endured for being a “girl gamer.”

As a result Twitch purged thousands of accounts of people who had previously criticised Pokimane for exploiting men and stealing content.

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