Pokimane made Twitter private after being harassed by JiDion troll


Imane Anys, streamer known as Pokimane, cried on Twitch because a “misogynist pig” trolled her, and she’s now made her Twitter private.

Imane Anys, aka Pokimane was in tears, crying her eyes out, because a user by the name of JiDion was 1 user among 20, 000 trolling her during her livestream — she has since made her Twitter account private and gone on a anti-misogynist tirade.

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Despite Twitch’s rules stating that offsite activity can lead to a channel ban, Pokimane continues her tirade against men using the banned term “incel” and “fat virgin” when addressing her decriers.

Incel is slang for a man who can’t get laid; an involuntarily celibate male. It’s an insult used against men who disagree with women, and is largely used interchangeably with “misogynist.”

Pokimane reportedly permanently banned on Twitch
Pokimane a victim of misogynistic hate crimes?

During her livestream, Pokimane was approached by one of these so-called “incels” who criticised her “lazy content,” and “lack of creativeness.” The user, who goes by the name JiDion online, also made a bold claim, saying that the only reason so many people watch her is because she’s hot.

Pokimane admit she cried to emotional cute messages of support.
Pokimane on Twitter (now private) admit she cried to emotional cute messages of support.

Pokimane started getting emotional, and cried in front of her 20-something thousand viewers. She later claimed that she was a victim of some kind of misogynist hate crime and went on a anti-male rant in a live stream she titled, “join if you love women.:

Pokimane calls her decriers "incels."
Pokimane calls her decriers “incels” after drama on her private Twitter account.

In my opinion using the word “incel” is just as bad as calling a woman a wh*re or a sl*t, or anything similar. Pokimane is just as bad as those real misogynist pigs for using words like that.

Was the Pokimane x JiDion drama staged?

Also, what makes this incident seem a little staged is the fact hat Pokimane decided to engage with the troll. She had 20K adoring fans who were all begging for her attention, none of which she responded to directly or personally. Then comes along some random misogynistic troll and Pokimane is all about it.

Not once through the entire exchange did Pokimane or her moderates think to ban the troll, which is weird because you get banned immediately for talking about Pokimane’s boyfriend or for using the word “simp” in her chat.

Instead, Pokimane is making headlines right now and she’s receiving an on pour of love and admirations and support from her fellow Twitch streamers.

Although we don’t know for certain that the Pokimane x JiDion drama is staged, it is evident that both parties would benefit from the news going viral; JiDion would receive an onslaught of traffic to his online shop and Pokimane would get a boost in views and support.

JiDion barely streams on Twitch. He doesn’t link the account on his shop, or on any of his social profiles. He streams on YouTube to his 2.3 million fans. Sacrificing his much smaller Twitch channel to trend on the news and be associated with Twitch’s biggest streamer seems like a fair trade-off.

Pokimane’s content house OfflineTV.

Also, doing controversial things to get views is meta for OfflineTV. Disguised Toast revealed that he and other members of the OfflineTV group staged a fake DMCA takedown as an attempt to make news headlines and grow in popularity.

What really happened?

Most of the Pokimane x JiDion drama happened behind closed door. JiDion fans were allegedly sending direct messages to Pokimane’s viewers calling them “simps.” So, was Pokimane the actual victim in all of this?

There were reportedly a couple of dozen JiDion fans in the chat harassing Pokimane and her viewers. Only a single screen shots of the direct messages have been released.

Pokimane x DiJion DM
Only evidence that there was any Pokimane drama comes from DM.

Let’s not beat around the push. The actions of these individuals is disgusting. This is clear misogyny and it should not have to be tolerated by anyone, anywhere. But the group of people who harassed Pokimane and her fans were so small in comparison to amount of viewers of moderators she had live at the time.

She ended her viewers for the sake of the wellbeing and mental health of viewers, she claims, but went live seconds later to roast the JiDion and his YouTube channel. Pokimane even cried (real?) tears in front of a viewers because she says she felt really violated and grossed out by JiDion’s videos.

Pokimane could have snubbed this in the butt from the get-go, but she insisted to feed to the trolls and make a big deal out of this. Going private on social media might be a bit of an overreaction.

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