Pokimane opposes European hijab ban but supports mask mandates


Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys thinks that masks should be mandated but opposes European workplace bans on burkas and hijabs.

“This is genuinely depressing!” Imane Anys, Moroccan-Canadian Twitch streamer better known as Pokimane is — again — interjecting European politics with her controversial takes on religion and government mask mandates.

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Pokimane may be a Canadian citizen, but that hasn’t stopped her from getting involved in politics in other nations. The anti-capitalist multi-millionaire Twitch streamer has previously criticised, and in some cases insulted, American conservatives including the former US President Donald J Trump.

The popular Twitch streamer revealed that she was grossed out, shocked, and surprised when she learned that Trump’s wife, Melania, potentially contracted the virus from him in 2020, tweeting, “Does this mean that Meliania kisses Trump?”

The tweet was followed by a confused face emoji indicating that she could not fathom how anyone would want to kiss Trump.

Despite claiming that she’s “not political”, The Canadian citizen later endorsed an American candidate who was running for public office in 2020 during one of her livestreams in which she played the popular online multiplayer game Among Us.

She is now concentrating her efforts on European politics.

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Imane Anys, 25, is no stranger when it comes to preaching her political views to her hundreds of thousands of impressionable fans. In a deleted tweet, Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys called for a mask mandate and supported a business’s right to force their patrons to wear masks. However, her takes on certain European companies restricting hijabs and burkas in the work place contradict her political stance on such mandates.

“This is genuinely depressing,” Imane tweeted on her personal Twitter account. “How is a headscarf/hijab, religious or otherwise, seen as anything but neutral? And even as a religious garment, banning people’s ability to wear them freely doesn’t help foster a more tolerant society whatsoever.”

Her tweet was a response to an article published by The New Arab, a fundamental Islamist news source that has been accused of posting anti-Semitic content in the past. The article claims that the top European Union court passed a law that allows business to discriminate against Muslim women. However, the truth is a little more nuanced then that.

Pokimane simps for Obama

The court ruling was in regards to specific German companies that got sued for suspending two women who wore a Muslim garment in protest of Israel. The court ruled in favour of the companies and said that this was not a discriminatory policy because those companies also prohibited staff members from wearing and displaying any kind of religious items or clothing, even crosses and crucifixes.

The court statedthat the rule appeared to have been enforced uniformly, as the employer likewise required an employee wearing a religious cross to remove the sign, Reuters reports.

The hijab is even seen as a tool of oppression by feminist, freethinking, Muslim women. Masih Alinejad, Iranian-American activist, said that she felt oppressed because the Islamic patriarchy forces women to wear a hijab. Masih was sentenced to prison in Iran for simply letting her hair out.

In her book, The Wind in my Hair, out this week, Masih explains that girls in her country are raised to “keep their heads low, to be as unobtrusive as possible, and to be meek”; and she couldn’t be more different. “I’ve got too much hair, too much voice and I’m too much of a woman for them,” she says, and within two minutes of talking to her, I can see exactly what she means. Masih is fun, noisy and opinionated and, worst of all for the people who run her country, unafraid.

As a result of the emergence of Islamic terrorism in major European countries, tensions are running high. Samuel Paty, a French teacher, was decapitated by an 18-year-old Muslim immigrant for the simple act of displaying pictures of the Islamic prophet Muhammad during a class discussion about freedom of expression. One of the man’s students made a false claims of Islamophobia, which led to the man’s beheading.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys’s comments on the court rulings, and European politics in general, are very misleading and contradict her stance on mask mandates. If she truly believes that businesses should be allowed to force their customers and employees into wearing masks, shouldn’t she also support companies being able to ban any religious attire?

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