Pokimane returns after 48-hour ban, may continue to watch copyright vids


Pokimane returns to Twitch after receiving a 48-hour ban for a DCMA strike and is not afraid to break the rules again.

Pokimane returns to Twitch: Even after the DMCA scare vfor streaming ViacomCBS copyrighted shows, Pokimane may not have learned her lesson, her content has not changed. After a 48-hour ban, Pokimane is back on Twitch to watch more videos she may get away with.


Pokimane has returned, much to the surprise of many, following a brief forty-eight-hour ban for a significant DMCA infringement. The Moroccan-Canadian Twitch star, 25, received the lightest possible punishment from Amazon’s streaming platform for illegally broadcasting and profiteering from 10 hours of copyrighted content.

Imane Anys, better known as Pokimane, streamed over 30 twenty-minute episodes of the copyrighted Nickelodeon show “Avatar: The Last Airbender” to an audience of over 25.000 people during her 10-hour long “Avatar: The Last Airbender Watchparty” stream. During the livestream, the influencer also displayed mid-roll advertisements and accepted donations and paid subscriptions from her viewers.

ViacomCBS networks have remained tight-lipped on the situation and have not disclosed whether they plan on suing Imane Anys for damages would count amount to USD$1.8 million.

Pokimane returns unfazed.

Pokimane does not appear to be bothered by the severity of her offence, despite the consequences she may later face. She poked fun at the benign punishment on her Twitter account, and she appears to be in high spirits on Twitch after returning from from her ban and may even do this again.

Pokimane returns to Twitch unfazed by 24-hour ban. continues to watch videos as a part of her content.
Pokimane returns to Twitch unfazed by 24-hour ban. continues to watch videos as a part of her content.

She responded to the 48-hour ban by saying that she’s not surprised and doesn’t feel that the punishment is unfair.

“Just to be clear,” Pokimane said. “I’m not surprised and I don’t think this is unfair. In my honest opinion, it was inevitable that publishers would take action, on me or someone else, during this react meta.”

React/Reaction Meta explained.

The react/reaction meta, to which Pokimane is alluding, is a growth in the popularity of Twitch partners who spend the entirety of their stream viewing — or loosely reacting to — copyrighted shows and other people’s YouTube videos.

The react/reaction meta quickly devolved into what fans now refer to as the “TV show meta,” because streamers such as Pokimane and HasanAbi are now broadcasting full copyrighted shows and series to their audience.

Cohn Carnage slams Pokimane, HasanAbi and Disguised Toast for "react/reaction meta."
Cohn Carnage slams Pokimane after she returns; and HasanAbi and Disguised Toast for “react/reaction meta.”

A streamer known as Cohn Carnage warned that this new “reaction meta” may lead to sitewide ramifications such as restricted ads, less revenue and ultimately permanent bans.

“Right after one major streamer gets DMCA’d, another starts testing the waters with other dangerous content (Toast with Deathnote). Poki plays off the two day ban and promotes her return stream with a smile. They’re speedrunning getting this site in incredibly hot water,” Cohn Carnage tweeted.

Concerns over backlash.

He continued: “I can’t imagine any license holder doesn’t take a look at what’s going on and realizes how there are fundamental issues with both the creators AND the platform allowing it to happen. I hope Twitch is locked down legally because it’s not a good look at all.

“The general argument is that Twitch will pass any lawsuits to the creators. That they are legally protected as they don’t control the content. But do those protections work when they keep allowing the stuff to happen? When temp bans are jokes and the offenders keep returning?”

Copyright issues could put Twitch in "hot waters," says streamer Cohn Carnage.
Copyright issues could put Twitch in “hot waters,” says streamer Cohn Carnage.

HasanAbi, Pokimane’s secret boyfriend, was recently banned for streaming whole episodes of Master Chef, it was his second serious Twitch Terms of Service violation in a month. However, it was later brought to Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker’s attention that the DMCA request was false.

Twitch restore copyrighted material.

“We’ve discovered a DMCA notification targeting content on [HasanAbi’s] channel was processed by mistake,” a Twitch administrator claimed.

[mv_video doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotOptimizePlacement=”true” jsonLd=”true” key=”rs4wtyhrmxgi57as2qmm” ratio=”16:9″ thumbnail=”https://mediavine-res.cloudinary.com/video/upload/rs4wtyhrmxgi57as2qmm.jpg” title=”2 straight minutes of HasanAbi eating and watching Master Chef” volume=”70″]

Twitch sent Hasan an email apologising for the inconvenience, fully reinstated the content and removed any penalties associated with the notification.

HasanAbi’s channel now contains the whole 10-hour broadcast of him binge-watching the copyrighted ViacomCBS show Master Chef. Hasan scarcely “reacts” in the video as he sits there eating his food, making thousands of dollars from donations and advertisements, and watching Master Chef; he believes this content is transformative in nature.

Hasan also noted that he is not in breach of any DMCA laws until a corporation decides to file a lawsuit against him for copyright infringement.

Because the DMCA notice that Pokimane received was also from ViacomCBS, it is possible that it was a bogus request as well. If this is the case, any infractions accrued as a result of the notice will be nullified, and she, HasanAbi, and the rest of Pokimane’s multimillion-dollar social media enterprise OfflineTV can continue to the Twitch “react meta” and test the DMCA law’s limits.

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