Poor shaming Twitch star Neekolul botches OnePlus promotion


Self acclaimed socialist Twitch star Neekolul messes up high-paying OnePlus promotion by accidentally endorsing iPhone.

Neekolul, the popular Bernie Sanders supporting Twitch streamer, has been, yet again, exposed after accepting bags of money for promoting a product that she’d “never use” [OnePlus android phones] despite previously having stated she’d never endorse things she didn’t believe in or support.

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Neekolul, Twitch streamer who was once exposed poor shaming low income earners, really loves the attention. Unfortunately, the attention she is getting right now is not for a good reason. Although a lot of people don’t really see the issue with the 23-year-old Twitch streamers recent actions, others are slamming her for not practicing what she preaches.

Neekolul rise to fame came thanks to a TikTok video where she, Nicole Sanchez, was dancing around to the meme song ‘OK boomer’ in a high-cut blue Bernie Sanders 2020 shirt. The Twitch streamer later officially confirmed that she was endorsing Bernie Sanders for the 2020 presidential run, but ultimately changed that to Joe Biden once the socialist candidate was cheated out off the race, yet again, by the Democrat party.

However, Nicole ‘Neekolul’ Sanchez was later exposed for bragging about how much her boyfriend spent on her breast enlargement surgery and poor shaming low income earners on Twitter back in 2017.

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“Get an actual job that pays minimum wage. I’m not giving hand outs that they feel entitled to because they brought me one drink and a plate,” Neekolul Tweeted in 2017. The socialist Twitch streamers remark were found to be offensive and hypocritical because, during this time, she relied on donations from her Twitch streams to pay her bills.

Less and less people have been donating, let alone watching, her Twitch streams since the “EAT THE RICH” celebrity did a tour of her USD$2 million luxury apartment in Austin, Texas. During the apartment tour video Neekolul boasted about the beautiful view from her high-rise apartment as well as her expensive streaming set up and wardrobe filled wall-to-wall with designer clothing.

But Neekolul doesn’t seem to be too stressed about money even though she’s not nearly making us much from donations as she did when she first climbed to fame. Nicole Sanchez has signed multiple sponsorship deals with big corporations, with the most recent being OnePlus, and was even given a brand new BMW worth around $150K for free for promoting the company.

Neekolul OnePlus

Shortly after promoting the partnership between her management team 100 Thieves and Gucci, Neekolul promoted another item [OnePlus] for a cash deal, and even her die-hard fans are confused because they’ve always known her to be ‘team iPhone’.

“Wait, I though you were team iPhone all the way? Last time I asked, you said you wouldn’t be caught dead with an android phone? Where’s your loyalty gone, Neeko? I guess enough money can change anyone,” one faithful fan wrote.

Neekolul has allegedly slammed Android phones on many occasions during her livestreams and said she’s “Team iPhone for life.” That’s why so many of her closest fans are confused why she was promoting OnePlus on her Twitter timeline.

The socialist, former poor shaming, 100 Thieves content creator announced her partnership with OnePlus with an accompanying picture of herself holding their new flagship phone.

“You don’t even look that excited to be holding the phone,” another fan commented. Others pointed out that her endorsement of the OnePlus Android device was posted from an iPhone, making the promotion even funnier.

Team Android?

OnePlus is Nicole ‘Neekolul’ Sanchez’s eighth official sponsor. She has the logo of 7 different corporations on her Twitter banner: Rocket Mortgage, TRULY Hard Seltzer alcoholic beverages, Cash App, Chipotle, JBL, Rockstar Energy Drink, and Omen.

Although Neekolul doesn’t claim to be rich her estimated net worth in 2021 is approximately USD$3.5 million, and might even more considering the property she owns, her partnerships, 100 Thieves contract, and all other assets.

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