Prosecution alleges Rittenhouse is a killer because he played Call of Duty


“Call of Duty is a game where you use AR-15s to kill people,” prosecution shifts motive to that violent videogames turned Kyle Rittenhouse into an active shooter.

After an absolute disastrous 6 days the prosecution in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is struggling to paint him as an active shooter especially after a plethora of evidence and testimonies reveal that the 17-year-old acted in self defence.


After the prosecution’s own witnesses admit that Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self defense they are now scrambling to make him look like an unhinged person who had intention to to commit mass murder at Kenosha because he played Call of Duty a handful of times.

The prosecution asked if Rittenhouse got his friend to buy him an AR-15 rifle because he used it to kill people in violent first-person shooter video games like Call of Duty insinuating that he desired to use the “assault rifle” to shoot “peaceful protestors” at Kenosha in August 2020.

“There are plenty of guns in Call of Duty that resemble other real-life guns like pistols and shotguns. I don’t understand your question,” Rittenhouse responded

The prosecution then violated court rules by bringing in an unannounced witness who allegedly overheard Rittenhouse joking about shooting shoplifters. Judge Bruce Schroeder fired back at the prosecution announcing that the information that he revealed to the court was not allowed to be used in the courts because it was irrelevant. The defense said threatened to file for a mistrial with full prejudice after the prosecution attempted to smear Rittenhouse while he took the stand.

Kyle Rittenhouse takes oath and stand

Now the prosecutions narrative is trying compare Kyle Rittenhouse to the Columbine High School shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, by saying that the teenager glorified violence by playing violent first-person shooter games.

The latest of the popular first-person shooter game franchise, which is based around World War II, Call of Duty: Vanguard released worldwide on November 5th.

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