Queensland Police send search helicopter out for missing dog


Search helicopter seen in skies above Greater Ipswich area in Queensland as police search for their missing dog (K9 unit).

Tuesday, January 11 at 12:30PM, a helicopter was spotted in the skies above the southern suburbs of Queensland over the Greater Ipswich area, the Queensland Police Department was missing for a missing dog; an officers K9 unit.

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“This is the Queensland Police Department, we’re looking for a missing police dog – please check your backyard,” the Goodna Police D search helicopter announced via the loudspeaker PA system.

The notification was broadcast throughout a number of Greater Ipswich suburbs, including Goodna, Augustine Heights, Bellbird Park, and other nearby communities.

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A large number of Ipswich residents flocked to the streets to see what all the fuss was about. They were taken aback when they learnt that the Queensland Police Department had dispatched a helicopter to search for a lost dog in the area.

“We’re doing this for a stray dog? Apparently, this isn’t even done to find missing children,” a disenchanted Bellbird Park resident complained.

Quizz, missing 3-year-old German Shepherd Queensland Police Dog.
Quizz, missing 3-year-old German Shepherd Queensland Police Dog.

According to a statement made by the department, the dog squad was summoned to Greenwood Village Road at 3 a.m. to find an alleged thief who had escaped from a stolen vehicle. Quizz, the police dog, began a pursuit but fell separated from his master midway through it.

Quizz, a three-year-old Sabel German Shepherd with a black and tan hide, is a Sabel German Shepherd. When he went missing, he was wearing a black tracking harness with a lengthy tracking lead.

To find the lost police dog would have cost tens of thousands of dollars in Australian taxes. It costs about AUD$750 per hour to fly this type of helicopter, according to a Quora user, and it doesn’t include police salaries.

Quiz, the Queensland Police Dog, is not deemed dangerous, but authorities have issued explicit instructions not to approach the dog if he is discovered and to immediately contact the police.

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