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Resistance collection and The Last of Us multiplayer to be revealed

Resistance collection and The Last of Us multiplayer to be revealed

Sony are rumoured to be preparing to reveal a PlayStation 5 remastered Resistance collection and The Last of Us Part II multiplayer at their event.

With the PlayStation State of Play event only four days away, there are a lot of rumours about what they intend to reveal; online rumours hint at Resistance: Chimera Collection, The Last of Us Part II standalone multiplayer game “Factions” and a huge “Abandoned” tease.


Many people, figuratively, walked away from Sony’s last PlayStation event disappointed. There wasn’t much to get gamers excited. All the big titles we hoped to see were absent from their summer game event. Fortunately Sony did promise another big event with even more reveals… and their next State of Play event is only four days away!

While we know we will definitely see more of Horizon: Forbidden West, we can also expect to finally see some gameplay from the next instalment the highly anticipated slasher series God of War: Ragnarok which Cory Balrog, creative director at Santa Monica Studios, claims will blow our minds.

However, there are a few other games that fans are hoping will make an appearance at this Thursday’s State of Play event, like the missing multiplayer mode from The Last of Us Part II and a strange new IP codenamed Stray’s Cross.

The Last Of Us “Factions” Multiplayer

We were all a little disappointed to find out that The Last of Us Part II shipped without its promised “Factions” multiplayer mode. We all knew it existed because there was a playable multiplayer mode in the leaked developer version of the game, so when it launched without it we were very disappointed.

Naughty Dog said they cut the The Last of Us multiplayer “Factions” mode so they could focus on the single player campaign, but it appears they’ve changed their mind and are now releasing it as a standalone game.

The multiplayer mode was initially supposed to release with a DLC called Dark Sides; a brand new chapter in the series and that it will focus on the newly introduced protagonist Abby.

The Last of Us Part II Multiplayer Factions

According to a leak it is set chronologically before the final chapter of the main game, the story of The Last of Us Part 2: Dark Sides will add a new chapter dedicated to Abby, and a discovery that will bring to light the truths hidden in her memories of her past, and that will spur her towards her new and future goal.

Perhaps Naughty Dog opted to cancel the expansion because of the lack of love and interest in the game’s new protagonist.

The Last of Us Part II multiplayer mode, rumoured to be called “Factions”, will also feature a unique battle royal mode.

Codename: Stray’s Cross

Additionally, the leaker stated that Naughty Dog is developing a brand-new IP dubbed Stray’s Cross. According to reports, the game will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

Stray’s Cross will be the Naughty Dog studio’s first new AAA sci-fi IP developed exclusively for the PS5 and compatible with the PSVR2.

Sony leak Uncharted, Resistance, Stray's Cross

Stray’s Cross will be a first-person action/adventure game with steam punk influences, according to the original leak. It will follow two protagonists: a former female scientist characterised as a gifted scholar who is fascinated by space-time science, and a former male construction worker who has become a wanted criminal.

Sony have not confirmed nor denied the existence of this new IP codenamed: Stray’s Cross, and considering it doesn’t have a proper title yet it may be unlikely that we see it at this Thursday’s State of Play event.

Resistance: Chimera Collection (PS5 Only)

One of the PlayStation 3’s first-party launch titles, Resistance: Fall of Man was an alternate history first-person shooter that was released in 2007. It received positive reviews and served as an excellent demonstration of the PlayStation 3’s capabilities.

Resistance 3 brought the series to a close in 2011 and received nearly perfect scores across the board, but sadly, it was never given a next-generation upgrade for the PlayStation 4 console.

Resistance Chimera Collection

Earlier this year we reported that Sony were allegedly working on a next-gen remastered version of Resistance for the PlayStation 5. Now, these rumours are yet again making the rounds and the word on the street is that “Resistance: Chimera Collection will be announced at the upcoming PlayStation Event on 9th September, Includes Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2 fully re-built from the ground up.”


What is Abandoned? People first believed that it could be Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hill after the out-of-nowhere studio teased that the game name, in fact, “starts with an S and ends with an L.”

There was also a lot of questionable things about the games reveal. It appears to take a lot of pages from Hideo Kojima’s ARGs (augment reality games).

Abandoned PS5 App

Sadly, a lot of people have lost faith that Abandoned is in anyway connected to Hideo Kojima, but, despite all the strange on-goings of late, our source still insists that Abandoned is Silent Hill and Kojima is definitely involved. They have had a track record of being right before, so we’re still hopeful.