Rod Brelsau accuses girl of “manufacturing lies” about harassment


Esports presenter Rod Breslau caught blaming Jessix and Brittany Venti of “manufacturing lies” about harassing Brittany Venti for a date in leaked DM.

Old Twitter drama resurfaced after Keemstar injected himself into Twitch drama between OTK house and another Twitch streamer. What started off as a bit of banter turned serious when Rod Breslau and Hasan Piker made false p*do allegations Keemstar as “a joke.”

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In 2019 Esports journalist Rod Breslau was accusing of using his position in the esports community to convince a small Twitch streamer called Jessix to set him up on a date with her friend Brittany Venti. In return Breslau promised Jessix plenty of Overwatch goodies as well as a recommendation for a job at Mayhem Esports.

The incident was seen as gross abuse of power and was even considered to be sexual harassment by some in the community, especially DramaAlert host, Keemstar.

YouTube banned Brittany Venti for reading a book on livestream

“When you’re a reporter and you’re making a moves on a girl and get rejected, You can’t go on to write negative stories about them because you got rejected that’s sexual-harassment 101!” Keemstar tweeted.

Although it been over a year since this happened, Keemstar felt necessary to bring it up once again to prove that Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau was a a hypocrite for calling him a “trash human being.” Shortly after Keem’s tweet started trending Breslau reached out to fellow YouTuber Tipster because he he “actually tells the news.”

Slasher Tipster DMs

After their brief exchange on Twitter Tipster decided to leak the DMs between him and Rod Breslau exposing the esports reporter accusing Jessix and Keemstar of “manufacturing lies.” This seemed very off to a lot of Breslau’s audience as he’d previously taken an extreme stance supporting the #BelieveAllWomen movement.

When asked whether the screenshots between him and Jessix were fake, Breslau refused to answer but insisted that the whole situation was taken out of context because he pissed off Venti, Leafy and Keemstar who are all close friends.

“Jess and Britt never gave a sh*t about the messages. They only sent them to Keemstar one year after they already came out to manufacture the story as ‘offering a job in return for a date’ because Keemstar was mad at me for losing his sponsor. I made a Leafy joke and Jess and Britt Leafy’s friends, and probably Keem’s too,” Breslau responded.

Breslau didn’t sexually harass Venti in DMS.

It is pretty evident that Breslau did not sexually harass Brittany Venti in direct messages, although it may seem inappropriate for a 33-year-old man to ask a 19-year-old girl out on a date, it is completely legal and some even commend him for taking his shot. The case for sexual harassment comes after the fact where Breslau allegedly smeared the streamer for the content he previously admitted to having enjoyed. And that’s exactly what Keemstar was referring to when he accused Breslau of “sexual harassment.”

Rod Slasher Breslau with dog

Despite Rod Breslau saying that his offer to Jessix had nothing to do with him getting a date Venti, the original leaked DMs show that he only offered her “anything OW related” or a “job at rec with Mayhem” as a favour to pay her back. This completely contradicts his statement that he was rewarding her for her commitment pt the Overwatch community in 2019.

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But then again it is also important to understand that Jess had already agreed to setting him up with Venti before he excitedly offered to pay her back with favours which would imply that he didn’t abuse his power as an industry professional.

What Breslau did to Jess was definitely unethical and very unprofessional, but it call it sexual harassment is questionable at best. However, the fact that Breslau continued to smear and slander Venti after she refused to go on a date with him, knowing the power his word has within the industry, can definitely be considered harassment.

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