Senator Daines’ niece, Maria Piacesi, says Biden pinched her nipple

Underage victim accuses Joe Biden of assault

Steven Daines’ niece, Maria Piacesi, reveals that Joe Biden pinched her nipple when she was only 8-years young during shocking TikTok video.

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Maria Piacesi, niece of Republican senator Steve Daines, revealed that US president Joe Biden pinched her nipple during a Swearing-In Ceremony in 2015. She’s scared of speaking out, her friends don’t believe her even though it was caught on video.

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Joe Biden, 78, has — again — been accused of inappropriately touching a woman, but in this case there might actually be video evidence that the sitting president sexual assaulted a minor during his tenure as Vice President in 2015.

In a shocking TikTok video a 14-year-old Maria Piacesi, niece of the Montana senator Steve Daines, claims that Joe Biden pinched her nipple when she was only 8-years-old during a Ceremonial Swearing-In session. The ordeal was caught on camera but the mainstream media has largely discounted the theories that Biden sexually assaulted the underage girl as a ‘right-wing conspiracy theory’.

Maria Piacesi is the only child of Rob and Christie Piacesi. She describes herself as “very social” and has a very upbeat demeanor.

“I play the flute and piano and always like to keep busy one way or another. I am also very adventurous when it comes to activities,” Piacesi stated in her profile.

“Did Joe Biden pinch you?” A user by the name of Jonathan Pasetti asked, to which Piacesi responded, “Yes.” However, soon after, she deleted her comment.

“Why did you delete the comment?” Pasetti asked. “I have friends that would no longer be friends with me if they knew that,” Maria Piacesi replied.

Joe Biden, Senator Steve Daines and his niece Maria Piacessi

Mr Pasetti then added: “Those ‘friends’ are not true friends then. You were abused by a pervert and deserve justice, but only you can exact that justice by telling others.”

Maria Piacesi then sent the user a direct message via the TikTok app and said that she’s wanted to speak out about her assault but that she fears that she won’t be believed and will be seen as an outcast.

“I would do something about it — to be honest — if I thought it would help, but it would only make more people angry and I’ve already had people calling me out saying I’m lying and this is BS [bullsh*t], even though it is not. I just don’t think it would help with anything right now,” Maria Piacesi said.

Maria Piacesi TikTok

Mr Pasetti reassured the scared 14-year-old, “I understand your apprehension. The first thing, though, is not letting him get away with it because then he can do it to others. I just want you to know that there are millions of people who are on your side and they believe you. There is video evidence of what happened and I believe you. We all believe you.”

A video of the January 3rd, 2015, ceremonial swearing-in of Steve Daines shows an 8-year-old Maria Piacesi recoil back in fear after the then 72-year-old Vice President Joe Biden appears to pinch her nipple.

Conservatives often refer to the president as “Creepy Joe” due to his very bizarre and often inappropriate behaviour around children.

In May, 2021, the commander-in-chief went off-script to point out the ‘elementary school- aged’ girl as he delivered an address at Joint Base Langley-Eustis ahead of Memorial Day, saying “I tell you what, look at her, she looks like she’s 19 years old, sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed.”

At a May 2019 campaign event, Biden even told a 10-year-old girl, “I bet you’re as bright as you are good-looking.”

Joe Biden has been accused of inappropriate touching by many women. One of the main accusers is his former aide Tara Reade who accused Joseph Robinette Biden Jr of sexually assaulting her in 1993 at a Capitol Hill office. Sadly for Tara Reade, her story was largely ignored in the US and she had to travel all the way to Australia to give an interview with 60 Minutes to get her story out there.

UPDATE: Maria’s social media accounts deleted.

We’ve received a lot of emails regarding this article. A lot of people believe that the screenshots are fake and no such account exist. However, upon doing some digging we can, in fact confirm, that the senator’s niece did own this account. Shortly after the news went viral she deactivated her Instagram and TikTok account.

Prior to deleting her TikTok account Maria only had 179 followers. Many of which were her actual friends. A simple TikTok search for that username will show girls her age, around her area, tagging her in their videos. Google has also cached her now deleted TikTok account.

Maria Cristina Piacesi deleted TikTok and Instagram

Her deleted Instagram page even mentions her TikTok account as well as softball team Tsunami Fastpitch. The featured image, as well as the close of photo, show Maria Piacesi in her sport uniform.

Furthermore, the website Urlebird (a website that caches TikTok videos) showed that the last time Maria uploaded a video to TikTok was only two days ago.

With this information when can conclusively state that Maria Piacesi did accuse Joe Biden of assaulting her when she was only 8-years-old. Since the news broke the young aspiring softball player has opened up a new private Instagram account which she only shares with close friends and family.

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