Seth Rogen thinks underage drinking is OK so long as you use McLovin ID


A 20-year-old Iwoan male was arrested and charged for underage drinking and the possession of a fictitious ID. Seth Rogen was impressed.

Friday 11th, 2019–A 20-year-old was found in bar last Friday in Iowa with a fake Hawaii ID with the name “McLovin” (no surname) and the date of birth of 3rd of June, 1981. Later, we received word from Seth Rogen on Fake ID.

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When approached by local law enforcers the 20-year-old male claimed that he did not have ID on him but while searching through his wallet they found the fake ID made famous by the classic comedy ‘Superbad’.

The 20-year-old, Daniel Alfredo Burleson, was then escorted out of the establishment where he provided his real ID showing that he was not of age. He was arrested for underage drinking and charged with the possession of a fictitious ID.

Seth Rogen: McLovin made ‘Superbad’ what it was.

It is highly likely that possession of a fictitious ID charges may be dropped as their is no proof that Daniel used or intended to use the ID. He claimed that he purchased of Amazon because he was a huge fan of the movie. This claim was later verified as the item is available on Amazon for $9.58 which would mean that it is in fact a gag prop and not an actual fake ID.

Seth Rogen on underage drinking arrest

In response to the arrest Rogen tweeted “My work here is done.” He co-wrote, produced, an starred in the cult comedy classic. Tweet from Seth Rogen on underage drinking arrest below.

Seth Rogen, who turned to Netflix after two epic box office failures, has tried to make an image of himself as a beacon of virtue after taking potshots at the Trump family, siding with Stormy Daniels over the sexual scandal allegations, and his constant woke virtual signalling. However, underage drinking is not something that registers on the 37-year-old actor’s moral compass.

The drinking age in Australia is 18+ so this isn’t such a big deal here. If anything this Seth Rogen – McLovin tweet is sure to turn into a quality meme. Maybe somebody should make an actual Seth Rogen fake ID–oh, wait–didn’t he play a law enforcer? That might be taking things too far.

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