Stitchbug release knitted penis for “transgender infants” and lie about it

How do you know if your infant is transgender if they can't tell you?

Stitchbug Studio are selling small knitted penises called Bitty Bug Soft Packer(s) for “transgender children” and it has some concerned with child abuse.

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A controversial new knitwear has parents concerned that Stitchbug Studio may be encouraging child abuse with their tiny knitted penises intended for “transgender children.” The site showcases how to place the “Soft Packer” in the diaper of your toddler/infant.

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Freelance journalist Anna Slatz brought this shocking knitwear design to the spotlight on Twitter, writing, “A knitted penis for extremely small girls to wear in their pants if their parents believe them to be transgender. It is intended for girls so young, they demonstrate the product in a diaper.”

The webstore has a disclaimer posted underneath their product explaining that the Bitty Bug Soft Packer(s) by Stitchbug Studio are not designed for children: “This product is not for infants or very young children. There has been some confusion for those who are not aware of what some trans youths go through and how prosthetics can help their experience. Thank you to the parents out there who support your trans youngsters, and we are honoured to be a small part of their process,” the disclaimer reads.

Soft Packers for children

However, The Way Back Machine reveals that the product was updated after Anna Slatz brought attention to it. Yesterday, May 16th, product was described to be for “transgender children.”

“Bitty Bug® soft packer is a custom prosthetic packer in sizes appropriate for children, made from soft durable yarn and polyester filling. It is easy to wear pinned to undies or tucked in a packing pouch. Silicone prosthetics do not come in sizes appropriate for kiddos,” the old product description read.

Bitty Bug Soft Packer for children and kiddos

The product description has been sneakily edited to hide the fact that this item was designed for children, replacing “appropriate for children” and “appropriate for kiddos” to simply “youth sizes.” Although this item was clearly designed for children, the company is lying about it by saying it for adults. If you’re after actual homemade gear designed for adults you’d be better off checking out this DIY guide on how to make a safe and classy homemade cock ring.

“Bitty Bug® soft packer is a custom prosthetic packer in youth sizes, made from soft durable yarn and polyester filling. It is easy to wear pinned to underclothes or tucked in a packing pouch, and can be felt by the wearer without being visible externally (shown in a pair of undies to demonstrate),” the new product description reads.

Stitchbug Studio Bitty Bug Soft Packer

Furthermore, the site still points out that they also make this item “in sizes suitable for teens and adults.” Oops, looks like the editor forgot to edit that part. As Anna Slatz pointed out, they did demonstrate the knitted penis in a diaper, proving that this product is designed and intended for toddlers and infants.

Although Stitchbug Studio have removed the imag eof the knitted penis (Bitty Bug Soft Packer) in a diaper from the product page and changed the description it is obvious that whoever purchased it did so to stuff down the diaper or underwear of their young daughters.

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