Teachers are sharing their OnlyFans accounts with students

Do you trust your kid's teachers?

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Non-binary middle school teacher fired after sharing their free OnlyFans page link with students a resource page on the class’s private network. Parents want law enforcers involved.


A progressive Californian teacher was fired after their student revealed that they were openly sharing their OnlyFans accounts with underage middle school student on the class’s intranet.

The teacher, who allegedly identifies as non-binary person with male genitalia, included a link to their OnlyFans account on the classroom resource page on the classrooms private network.

Teacher puts link to OnlyFans on class room intranet.
Teacher puts link to Free OnlyFans account on class room intranet.

One student alleged that the teacher’s OnlyFans page was free and the content posted on the main page was X-rated.

Contrary to popular belief a person is not required to verify their age unless they want to post content onto the OnlyFans adult only platform, to consume content you just need to have a valid VISA or MasterCard; this includes debit cards and gift cards.

There is no age limit for people to be able to use VISA gift cards online as most online services, like OnlyFans, do not require proof of identity for purchases.

As for debit cards, in Australia 14 years old children can get their own Visa Debit card while some banks offer debit card access for children as young as 9 years old.

Teacher links to adult site in student email.

This is not the first time a teacher has been exposed sharing inappropriate content with their underage students.

Hattie Grimm, a male-to-female transgender art teacher from Brookfield Central High School in Wisconsin hyperlinked her pronouns to LGBTQ resource site that sold sex toys and graphic fetish guides.

Hattie Grimm, Brookfield Art Teacher.
Hattie Grimm, Brookfield Art Teacher.

Although the school did not discipline Hattie Grimm, Brookfield Central art teacher, they did update their policy regarding email signatures.

“This week, the Disctrict deployed a standard email signature expectations for all staff members to create a uniform approach to sharing contact information with students, families and our community,” the email read.

“The expectations follow common email protocols established across the industry, and are intended to reflect the professional work of our staff as their engage with others.”

The Wisconsin high school turned a deaf ear to the concerns of the families and parents of their students and Hattie Grimm continues to work there.

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