Teela from He-Man compared to Robbie Rotten from LazyTown


Masters of The Universe reboot protagonist Teela compared to LazyTown villain Robbie Rotten in hilarious new internet meme.

Fans of the classic He-Man series are not fond of the new character designs in the Masters of The Universe reboot/revival. Show’s main protagonist, Teela, compared to the Robbie Rotten because of her jawline.


People are truly divided on their opinion on Kevin Smith’s revival of the classic 80s animated series He-Man & The Masters of the Universe. While mainstream critics are praising the new series for being “big take-having, big swing-taking” sequel that “flips the script on the mythos” and challenges toxic and hyper-masculinity, comic book traditionalists are not impressed.

The first element that appeared to irritate traditional fans was Kevin Smith’s choice to omit the protagonist’s name from the show’s title, claiming that he did so to counteract “toxic hyper-masculinity.” The new show, simply named Masters of The Universe Revelation, also places a greater emphasis He-Man’s companion Teela than on the original strongman hero.

Teela jawline

Kevin Smith, in the opinion of many fans, did not do Teela justice in Masters of the Universe: Revelations since her character was inadequately written and constructed. To top it off, the show’s new protagonist is a complete and utter jerk.

As a result of the badly developed new character, online users have created memes highlighting her numerous shortcomings; one of these being her laughable new look.

YouTube comedian and Pokimane‘s super secret boyfriend, ItsAGundam, tweeted “Teela’s got a jawline” and compared the Masters of The Universe: Revelations character to the villain from LazyTown.

Robbie Rotten, famously played by the late and great Icelandic actor Stefán Karl Stefánsson, was whacky villain from the hit children’s television show LazyTown and was easily recognises for his big long chin, which was purposely exaggerated to make him look more unlikable.

Robbie Rotten makeup

The two images show that Teela and Robbie Rotten have identical looking jawlines. Female critics have slammed the new show for defeminising Teela and making her look more androgynous.

“It’s not empowering women when you make a female character look more like a man. What are you trying to tell girls? You have to be more like a boy if you want to be strong?” One user tweeted.

Despite glowing reviews from the press, ratings for the He-Man reboot are tanking and it dropped from Netflix’s top 10 list after only a week.

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