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The Orion Experience singer accused of grooming + more by 11-year-old

The Orion Experience singer accused of grooming + more by 11-year-old

Shocking allegations by 11 and 14-year-old former The Orion Experience fans say singer Simprini groomed and molested many other underage girls.

“I am only 15!” A shocking and heartbreaking video of a young girl screaming for her tale to be told has gone viral. Orion Simprini, the lead vocalist of The Orion Experience, allegedly groomed and abused a former fan who was underage.


“We need your help,” the young girl pleads. “If you watch any video today please let it be this one. Please!”

Saturn, 15 years old, was a fan of the musical pop group The Orion Experience until the lead singer, Orion Simprini, allegedly groomed and exploited the poor girl.

“My groomer is planning to go on tour this fall. If you didn’t know, my groomer is Orion Simprini, the lead singer of The Orion Experience; the band that sang songs like The Cult of Dionysus, All Dolled Up and Obsessed With You — all songs that are pretty popular here on TikTok.”

Orion Simprini, 48, groomed multiple underage girls into "poly" relationship.
Allegations: Orion Simprini, 48, groomed multiple underage girls into “poly” relationship.

“I need your help, along with 16 plus others — the number keeps growing, we’re all victims of Orion and we need your help, because if we continue let Orion have a platform he will use it for harm… I know this first hand.”

In “poly” relationship with multiple minors.

Saturn and other victims have been trying to bring this to the public’s attention since March 7th, 2022. The victims have started a petition to “make Orion Simprini address all young fans he groomed.”

The petition reads: “Orion Simprini, lead singer of The Orion Experience, groomed and manipulated over 16 young fans and has ignored the allegations thus far. These victims have shared their stories extensively and backed them up with over 100 screenshots. However, the band and Simprini pretend as if these victims don’t exist. Please help us get justice. More information on @project.artemis on TikTok and #safefromsimprini”

The forty-eight-year-old pop singer, Orion Simprini, continues to ignore the allegations despite irrefutable proof that he has been inappropriately messaging his underage fans.

He wants to do "bad things" do underage girls.
He wants to do “bad things” do underage girls.

The leaked direct-messages reveal that Simprini knew the age of his victims. The most outspoken victim, Saturn, was only 14-years-old when Simprini asked her to be his “girlfriend” in a “poly relationship.”

Shocking message
“In bed with me.” Shocking messages to minors.

He also planned to fly several of these underage girls down to Los Angeles where he planned to consummate their relationship.

In one shocking message he instructs a 14-year-old girl to wear a short mini-skirt so that he can “molest her” in it.

Orion "molest you"
Orion says he wants to molest 14-year-old girl.

He tells multiple girls that they inspired him and that he has fallen in love with. He insists that his feelings are real and that he thinks of them as his girlfriends. However, when asked if he’s willing to make the relationship public he says that he likes to keep his romantic life private and offline would definitely introduce these girls as girlfriends at parties and outings.

The messages are very damning and are clearly enough to lead to a full investigations into the allegations of the 16, or more, underage girls who have come out so far.

Saturn at project.artemis on TikTok
Saturn, 15, is now exposing The Orion Experience and Simpini (credit project.artemis via TikTok).

Some fear that Simprini of The Orion Project has been doing this for since the band formed first in 2005, which means there could be hundreds of underage victims groomed over the span of 17 years.

According to another accuser, Torii, who goes @mayiwhipurkids on TikTok, Simprini stalked her and her friends’ Instagram pages when they were just 11 and 12 years old.

Orion got sexual with an 11-year-old.

The girls had multiple cosplay photos on their Instagram page, and the singer made inappropriate comments about them, calling them cute and gorgeous before privately messaging them.

“I had this friend in early 2021 and we both cosplayed. I remember one time we did DDLC [Doki Doki Literature Club] cosplay and The Orion Experience commented — Orion, not any other band members but Orion himself commenting saying ‘I love your make up (uWu), you’re so cute!'” The 12-year-old victim stated.

“And at the time we liked the music and we didn’t see it as a red flag, then as time went on he would like my videos and leave comments on them saying I looked cute, and he followed both of us, and it was like really weird.”

Orion Experience singer Exposed!
Orion Simprini exposed by allegations!

Torii continued: “He even texted us and I was like 11-years-old at the time and my friend I was like 12. And I said, ‘oh I’m 11’ and he said, ‘oh, that doesn’t matter, you’re still really cute!’ and he then started acting really sexual.”

“[At first] I didn’t really think anything of it but now I see it. He groomed me. He literally started talking about my body because I was in a Toko cosplayer from Danganrompa and he commented about how my body filled the suit and he praised. I was only 11, I didn’t know what was happening. I’m only a child.

The petition has currently been signed by over 2,000 people yet Orion Simprini of The Orion Experience has refused to comment.