TikTok mother says her baby son is awful because he’s white


Lakewood mother Sarah Lynes, 23, is concerned that her baby boy will grow up to awful and assault women because he’s white and is taking precautions into preventing that.

Sarah Lynes, TikTok mother, was disappointed to discover the biological sex of her new-born baby boy because she believe all men are awful, and this does not exclude her own son. So, she’s taking — what she believes to be — necessary steps into conditioning him not to grow up to be a toxic white male.

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Sarah Lynes, married name Sarah Lewis, is a 23-year-old TikTok mother from Lakewood, California, with a TikTok channel that has 6,000 followers. Her content is mostly based around parenting tips but occasionally she rants about men. Her own infant son is the subject of her rant in one of her last videos.

Ms Lynes alleges that she’s been hurt by men before and she now appears to have an extreme form of PTSD which is triggered even by her infant son. She doesn’t want her white baby boy to grow up to be a awful because he’s white so she has very specific bedtime story material that she reads for him.

“As you can see my son is a white male. So here are some books I bought to help prevent him from growing up to be… awful,” Ms Lynes, said in the video, insinuating that if he isn’t conditioned he will grow up to sexually assault women.

Lynes then shows a series of LGBTQ friendly book all about consent, respecting women, sexual exploration: C is for Consent, Will Ladybug Hug, Only For Me, A is For Awesome, I Clean Like a Lady, and finally Except When They Don’t.

These books are designed to teach boys not to r*pe, be transphobic and be more gender queer. C is for Consent even teaches kids not to be ageist and says they can consent to sensual and sexual contact from friends, strangers and family.

Author Eleanor Morisson doubled down on her take “that what happens to a child’s body is up to them,” win a tweet where she called Peter Rabbit too problematic for children.

Sarah Lynes Lewis white men TikTok

“Wow, somehow forgot the garden Peter Rabbit steals from belongs to his father’s murderer. Get that bunny into therapy. Meanwhile, some folks worry my children’s book about consenting is too much for kids to handle. Mmmkay,” she tweeted.

On the other hand, Only For Me is a book that shares a helpful message and encourages children to value their privacy and talk to “trusted adults” when something has happened to them.

Only For Me children's book

While some of these messages seem to have positive and messages and themes for growing kids, it hardly seems like appropriate material for a baby. What’s worse yet is to assume that your own baby, just because he’s a white male, will grow up to become an awful womanising abuser.

“It is tragic but this is not uncommon,” Amy Wallace, an Australian professional psychologist, told us. “She has resentment for the father of her child and is taking it out on her son.”

Amy added, “This isn’t something that exclusive to gender but it can be made much worse by postnatal depression. It is usually precipitated by an underlying mental health issue like NPD [Narcissistic Personality Disorder]. In most cases this doesn’t last long. The parent will start seeing the child as their own person as their bond grows stronger, but when it doesn’t it can end fatally.”

It is likely that the TikTok mother, Ms Sarah Lynes-Lewis, was traumatised by a relationship prior to her current one. She’s now married and is excited to start a family.

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