Trans Lives Matter activist threatens to ‘lynch’ Dave Chappelle

American comedian Dave Chappelle receives death threats after agreeing to meet the “Trans Lives Matter” activists and Netflix employees.

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Troll or real? A Twitter account with several hundred followers claiming to be a trans woman and an equal rights activist was recently banned after threatening to “lynch” Dave Chappelle when, and if, the comedian meets with the Trans Lives Matter community.


Dave Chappelle has agreed to meet with Netflix employees after they staged a walkout to protest his new comedy special The Closer because of some jokes he made about transgender people. The activists made some over-the-top demands of the streaming giant including not only deleting Dave Chappelle’s special but any and all content that makes fun of or is critical of transgender people.

Despite the comedian making it clear he respects the LGBTQ community and stating, several times throughout his special, that he was just making jokes, trans activists are up in arms over his comments. Chappelle even set up a trust fund for the daughter of a transgender comedian who took her own life after being bullied by her own community for standing behind Chappelle.

Dave Chappelle racist death threat
Trans Lives Matter activist threatens to lynch Dave Chappelle and calls him the N-word.

Sadly Chappelle’s efforts have been for nothing because regardless of his many attempts to patch things up with the transgender community, the Trans Live Matter activists are still out for blood, and literally.

After Chappelle agreed to meet with Netflix employees and trans right activists certain people claiming to be associated to the movement made death threats against the 48-year-old black comedian on Twitter.

“I hope he meets with us,” an account with several hundred followers allegedly belonging to a trans rights activist tweeted. “Because then we can lynch that transphobic [n-word] and our make our message heard.”

The tweet was public for almost 10 hours before it was deleted by Twitter staff and the account was banned. However, it had received over 20 likes.

A leaked video from Netflix walkout/protest shows the angry lynch mob physical threaten a Dave Chappelle supporter who had a “Jokes Are Funny” sign.

A group of angry and violent “Trans Live Matter” activists swarmed around the individual and attempted to steal his sign by hitting him and tugging at the sign.

Chappelle The Closer
Dave Chappelle on his controversial “The Closer” Netflix comedy special.

Although the group failed to take his sign, they did manage to break it leaving the man just holding the base of the sign. The group then tried to raise panic by shouting “HE’S GOT A WEAPON.” The man placed the broken sign on the ground and then was shoved back and surrounded by the violent protestors.

The clip shows the true colours of the “Trans Live Matter” protestors but was captured by an ally of the movement who has issued several copyright takedowns because it makes the movement look terrible.

The Netflix walkout and Dave Chappelle protestor has also recently been exposed for making racist and homophobic comments, much worse than anything that Chappelle has ever said, on her Twitter account.

Netflix walkout organiser exposed.

Ashlee Marie Preston, transgender lesbian and founder of the ‘Stand-Up In Solidarity’ movement said she wants to hold Dave Chappelle accountable for his hateful rhetoric. However, Ashlee Marie Preston has a dark history of being racist towards Asians and hateful towards non-transgender gay men.

“Just cussed up that Asian bitch clean the f*** out… u mess up my order & THEN blame me? English is my first language,” Ashlee Marie Preston tweeted in 2010.

“Latino and Asian businesses need to stop being rude and f***ing disrespectful and I know it is a lot to f***ing ask in California but f***ing English. Yeah, I said it.”

“I just broke my phone on some Asian bitches head. I have Asian friends but they are some f***ing weirdos. I said it but we all think it,”

“This Asian n**** at subway has a fat ass. He almost looks like a bitch from behind … Asian bitches act like they won’t get karate chopped in their motherf***ing throat.”

“Another f***ing Asian almost hit me while crossing. What’s with y’all and vehicles?”

Ashlee Marie Preston even admitted they were racist and proud, tweeting: “I don’t do Mexicans, Asians or Samoans.”

Dave Chappelle’s comedy special The Closer is currently still streaming on Netflix but it would be wise to watch it now before they delete it and all his other specials from their service.

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