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Trudeau to prosecute convoy donors after GoFundMe release names

Trudeau to prosecute convoy donors after GoFundMe release names

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, vows to prosecute donors contributed to the trucker convoy after GoFundMe release personal information of donators.

Justin Trudeau is now pursuing those who donated to the Canadian trucker freedom convoy, after arrests of persons who gave food and gasoline to demonstrators, as well as individuals who honked their horns in violation of an Ottawa ordinance prohibiting such behaviour. After falsely declaring the protest a “hateful and violent” siege on Canadian democracy, GoFundMe released the personal information of every single freedom convoy donor to Trudeau’s administration.


Despite proof that the Canadian freedom convoy is entirely peaceful with the only violence coming from authoritarian police, the Canadian Prime minister has declared the freedom rally as a “hateful and violent siege on Canadian safety and democracy.”

The peaceful Ottawa demonstration is being aggressively censored by YouTube, which has implemented an undisclosed new policy that inhibits live views for smaller channels. However, thousands of video clips from the peaceful Ottawa protest can be found on Twitter using the hashtag #FreedomConvoy2022.

  • Justin Trudeau declares State of Emergency: The above video shows video of truckers inflating bouncy castles for kids, while peaceful protesting families unite and have fun in the streets of Ottawa.

Truckers have set up full soup kitchens for homeless people as well as bouncy castles for the enjoyment of local youngsters. The protest, which truckers have pledged would persist until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, looks to be more in the nature of a family-friendly winter festival than a “hateful and violent siege on Canadian safety and democracy,” as declared by Justin Trudeau.

Bouncy castle at Freedom Convoy protest.
State of emergency? Hateful and violent protest? Truckers set up bouncy castles for kids at Ottawa peaceful protest.

The Trudeau administration has directed the police to arrest those who provide food, water, and gasoline to truckers and has made honking illegal in Canada’s capital.

On Monday, an 80-year-old man was brutally dragged from his truck, thrown to the ground, and detained for violating the new legislation by blaring his horn in defiance of the new authoritarian legislation.

Trudeau has now turned his attention to those who gave to the Canadian freedom trucker convoy, pledging to prosecute everyone who contributed to the GoFundMe campaign, particularly Americans.

Last week GoFundMe suspended the Canadian freedom convoy fund after it had reached USD$11 million at the request of the Trudeau administration and the Ottawa police department.

In a statement GoFundMe shockingly announced that all proceeds from the fund would instead be sent to a charity like Black Lives Matter instead of its intended fund unless donors specifically raised a ticket with the company and filled out a multi-page form demanding a refund.

After backlash, GoFundMe quickly back peddled and told people that any donations made to the freedom convoy would be automatically refunded.

GiveSendGo, a Christian fundraising and crowdsourcing site, offered to host the campaign and, despite been hit with on multiple Distributed Denial of Service [DDOS] attacks after making the announcement, they’ve raised USD$7 million in just a few short days. Sadly, the woes of the kind donors are far from over as GoFundMe are now working with the Trudeau government to prosecute contributors.

  • Mainstream lies: Corporate media accuses truckers of stealing food from homeless and harassing small businesses, but many videos prove that truckers are providing plenty of food and even building shelters for homeless locals. The Trudeau government has forceably shut down shops and other small business to starve protestors.

GoFundMe has released the personal details of every single individual that donated to the convoy to the Trudeau administration, including full names, addresses and bank information, and the Canadian prime minister has vowed to prosecute contributors for funding a “violent and hateful siege of Canadian safety and democracy.”

convoy fake news
Corporate mainstream media publishes real fake news about Canadian trucker freedom convoy.

After calling truckers a violent mob, Marco Mendicino, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety, shifted his focus to the Freedom Protest’s donors, claiming that Canada has a “robust” intelligence community that will flag any national security concerns to the Trudeau administration, as well as a separate branch within the RCMP that investigates these types of issues.

When he saw the full list of people who donated to the freedom convoy GoFundMe, Mendicino said he was “confident” that there’s “foul play of sorts” involved in the fund.

Public Safety Minister says that Trudeau will prosecute donors with help of GoFundMe.
Public Safety Minister says that Trudeau will prosecute donors with help of GoFundMe.

“That’s why I’m certainly confident that wherever there’s foul play of the sort, that we’ll be in a position to act appropriately,” Mendicino stated.  “If, for example, someone was contributing with the intent of either causing public harm or trying to undermine public safety, that would be something that would be against the law, and there would be appropriate sanctions for that, if proven in the court of law,” he said.

Bill Blair, Minister of Emergency Preparedness, stated that it is vital to shed light on the sources of funds that support illegal conduct.

“I think when [Canadians] understand the source of some of this funding, it helps them understand the motivation of this protest – who is actually behind it – and I think it also reveals some of the false nature of claims being made and the positions being put forward,” he said on Monday after reviewing the full list of GoFundMe donors.

  • Ottawa is a police state: Private fuel reserves are seized from the back of protestors trucks, citizens arrested for giving them food, water and fuel for “aiding and abetting illegal activities.”

“Important questions remain about how such a huge sum of money could be raised by anonymous donors and what their motivations were. People are rightly worried about American interference and what sort of standard is applied when donations are accepted,” Alistair MacGregor, NDP’s public safety critic, said in statement.

“It’s not enough for GoFundMe to cancel the campaign as though there’s nothing to see here,” he added.

MPs on the Public Safety and National Security Committee of the House of Commons have called on GoFundMe to testify on the funds generated after they were made accessible to the Trudeau government, according to the committee.

Canadian PM
Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau says protestors are a “small fringe group” of radical extremist racist right-wingers and he will prosecute donors.

U.S. president Joe Biden has also revealed that he shares Trudeau’s sentiments regarding the trucker convoy and announced that he will ignore similar protests at his peril.

Considering Biden’s close political relations with the Canadian Prime Minister, it is possible that he may cooperate with Trudeau’s administration and prosecute any US citizens that contributed to the GoFundMe campaign.