Trump supporters blamed for death of Halyna Hutchins


New conspiracy suggests that a Trump supporter secretly loaded the ‘prop-gun’ with real bullets to punish Baldwin for his parodies.

United Kingdom dissident and political science author Johannes Velterop believes that Trump may be behind the death of 42-year-old cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, not Alec Baldwin.


Self proclaimed science activist and globalist Johannes Velterop has spent a good part of his life calling out so-called conspiracy theorist who question the climate crisis and vaccine. The science writer has not shied away from mocking those who do not share his opinion on politics as “idiots” and conspiracy theorists. However, this mad scientist has a conspiracy theory of his own.

Johannes Velterop, who goes by Vellaveliu on Twitter, doesn’t believe that Alec Baldwin is responsible for the killing of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. He believes that a Trump supporter who was working on the set of Rust secretly loaded the ‘prop-gun’ with real bullets to punish Alec Baldwin for being critical of the 45th US President Donald J Trump.

32-year veteran film crew member, Walter Bithell, lashed out at the globalist scientist for “engaging in conspiracy misinformation” and said that Baldwin failed to abide by safety guidelines when handling prop weapons.

Venterop insisted that he was “not engaging in conspiracy misinformation” but was instead demanding a proper investigation into the political alignment and motivation on the armourer who loaded the weapon. Well, consider this case closed.

Alec Baldwin faces manslaughter charges for negligence

According to LWC the armourer was pro-communist Anti-Trump activist, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed. The armourer lacked experience and previously provided an 11-year-old child with an unchecked handgun.

Hannah is the daughter of Hollywood armourer Thell Reed. She claimed that loading blanks was the scariest part of her debut appearance on The Old Way starring Nicolas Cage. Hannah said she loved her job. ” “It was a very kickass way to kick off a really long and cool career,” Hannah said on a podcast about her new job. “Fearful and unsure of my abilities, I almost declined the assignment, but it went extremely well.”

The film’s director claimed that production was going through budget cuts to save money, that may be one of the reasons they hired inexperienced Hollywood workers like Hannah Gutierrez-Reed.

Alec Baldwin was not only playing the film’s lead as Harland Rust but he also credited as one of the key producers according to iMDB which means he is responsibly for some of these budget cuts.

Production of Alec Baldwin’s Rust has been indefinitely suspended while the Santa Fe police department are investigating the killing of Halyna Hutchins.

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