Twitch Ad Apocalypse: Amouranth forces hands of advertisers


Controversial hot tub streamer and OnlyFans model Amouranth pushed the boundaries too far and now advertisers are demanding more restrictions on Twitch.

Twitch were not responsible for the demonetisation of Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa’s Twitch channel. External advertisers requested to have their ads removed from the borderline adult content channel and now they are demanding more restrictions. Twitch Ad Apocalypse is on its way!

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The beginning of the Twitch Ad Apocalypse — Advertisers are outraged at Twitch’s loose advertisement policies and are forcing the company to take action. Stricter regulations mean it will be more difficult for new streamers to become affiliates and partners.

Yesterday Ms Siragusa took to Twitter to rant about Twitch, tweeting “Yesterday I was informed that Twitch has indefinitely suspended advertising on my channel.”

She continued: “This is an ALARMING precedent and serves as a stark warning that although content may not ostensibly break community guidelines or Terms of service, Twitch has complete discretion to target individual channels & partially or wholly demonetized them for content that is deemed ‘not advertiser friendly’, something that there is no communicated guideline for. This leaves open-ended the question of where the line is drawn. Many people complain about ToS being ‘unclear’ but at least streamer being put on this blacklist. With characteristic opacity, The only thing twitch made clear is that it is unclear whether or when my account can be reinstated.”

Amouranth doing squats in hot tub

Marcus Graham, Head of Creator Development at Twitch, defended Amouranth’s ‘hot tub meta’ content last month saying that the company “has been watching closely” and they they will continue to allow this type of content “in an appropriate context.” Graham also clarified that Amouranth’s content was not “sexually suggestive and explicit.” However, a lot of people seemed to agree with him, even major advertisers.

Major advertisers do think that the Amouranth hot tub streams are sexually suggestive and explicit. Amouranth, who claims to be 27-years-old, is barely nude during her Twitch streams. She will grind against phallic inflatable floaties and slap her butt against the water when she is supposedly doing squats. She also uses her Twitch channel as a gateway to her adults OnlyFans account where she posts X-rated photos and vides.

Amouranth even admitted that she was deliberately “thotting hard” to earn money from her body while she could during yesterday’s live stream.

“What isthis stream about?” Amouranth responded when asked what she’s doing. “I got [lady parts] and a hot ass and I’m trying to thot as hard as I can and make us much money as I can while I got my looks.”

Gaming in revealing bikini in Twitch

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has inspired countless other female streamers to exploit the sexual content policy which stipulates that women are allowed to wear swim wear during streams while at the beach or at the pool. Amouranth exploited this policy by filling a small inflatable hot tub at her home and streaming from there in swimwear that looks like lingerie.

Advertisers have had enough. They are seeing the similarities between adult cam sties and Twitch and have forced Amazon’s hand in removing mid-roll ads from infringing channels that exploit the hot tub meta.

According to our sources the demonetisation of Amouranth’s Twitch channel is just the beginning. Advertisers are demanding much stricter regulations and thorough review of streamed content on Twitch before they approve it for monetisation. Twitch is looking at a complete overhaul of their current monetisation system which might cause the Twitch Ad Apocalypse.

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