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Twitter blocks GETTR users from accessing their old tweets

Twitter blocks GETTR users from accessing their old tweets

Twitter is blocking users from importing their old tweets to GETTR and claim they own all tweets published on their platform.

Gettr CEO Jason Miller has issued a statement regarding Twitter’s decision to block users from being able to import their own existing tweets to the new free speech platform claiming they are “asserting ownership of its users’ content.”

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Many Twitter alternatives popped into existence after the big tech social media site went on a banning spree. Majority of the people who’ve been banned off Twitter in the last year have all shared similar political views, and that includes US president Donald J Trump.

Many people are now looking for other Twitter alternatives and sites like GAB, Parler and this new platform called GETTR seems to be the best alternatives. GETTR appears to be the free speech platform that Donald J Trump promised his followers a few months ago as it created by Jason Miller, a former Donald Trump aide and spokesman. The platform launched earlier this year.

The new social media platform looks, and feels, like Twitter without the extra bells, whistles and censorship. Up until recently new users were able to import all their existing tweets from Twitter to Gettr but Jack Dorsey’s company has since blocked users from being able to do that.

Jason Miller, GETTR CEO

“Twitter has blocked users from important their existing tweets to GETTR, the new free speech platform challenging social media oligarchs, preventing people from accessing their own hard work, creativity, and original content,” Miller said a statement earlier today. “

“Twitter seems to be trying to have it both ways — simultaneously claiming that Twitter users own their own tweets, so that Twitter can claim immunity from liability for its content moderation activities under Section 230 of the Community Decency Act, but now asserting ownership of its users’ content by blocking its users ability to obtain a copy of their content.”

The CEO concluded: “Twitter must decide: does it own everyone’s tweets and is therefore a publisher responsible for the content, or do the users own their original posts? GETTR relishes the chance to fight for free speech rights.”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey claimed that the company is not a publisher at a Senate Judiciary hearing last year after they deleted and blocked a link to a New York post article that discussed the disgusting content of Hunter Biden’s laptop. During the hearing Sen Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said uneven enforcement of a “hacked materials” policy makes it clear that the company is indeed behaving like a publisher.

However, Dorsey denied that Twitter was a publisher, and said, “Is Twitter a publisher? No, we are not. We distribute information.”

Twitter’s decision to block GETTR users from accessing their own tweets appears to be political in nature as many other platforms, including bots and websites such as TheBlockBot full access to everyone’s tweets.

If you’re looking for a Twitter alternative you can either follow us on GAB, MeWe or GETTR.