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Vaccinated actor, Bob Saget dead at 65

Vaccinated actor, Bob Saget dead at 65

Full House actor, Bob Saget who was proud to be vaccinated, was found dead in his room at the age 65; cause of death unknown.

Bob Saget, who boasted about being vaccinated and getting the booster, has been found dead in his hotel room at Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Florida. The authorities have not yet disclosed his cause of death.


Some of us knew him as the dad from Full House, others as the host of AFV (America’s Funniest Home Videos) or even as the voice of elderly Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother. But most people will remember him as a legendary American comedian and stand-up comic.

After hotel security discovered Saget lifeless in his room about 4 p.m., the Sheriff’s Department and the fire department responded to the scene.

Despite the fact that the cause of death has not been determined, officials have offered some information.

Bob Saget's last selfie in Jacksonville
Bob Saget appeared to be in good health with no underlying conditions.

He was found unconscious in a hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, which confirmed his death on Twitter.

“The man was identified as Robert Saget and pronounced deceased on scene. Detectives found no signs of foul play or drug use in this case,” the tweet concluded.

As part of a nationwide comedy tour, the actor and comedian made many stops in Florida. Bob Saget’s final stand-up comedy performance was in Jacksonville on January 8th, 2022.

Although the cause of death has yet do be determined, or revealed, the actor was perceived to be in good health and had even been vaccinated and received all his boosters. He even fired back at anti-vaxers, joking about how he feels fine and vaccinates every day.

Bob Saget was close friends with Jake Tapper.
Bob Saget was close friends with Jake Tapper.

At the moment there is no evidence suggesting that he died from the virus or any complications or adverse effects brought on by the vaccine or the boosters.