Venom 2 release date delayed because of Spider-Man 3: No Way Home


Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage release date has been delayed again, source claims it is because of Spider-Man 3: No Way Home.

Several sources, including our friends at SMALL-SCREEN.CO.UK have confirmed that Sony Pictures’ next big superhero flick, Venom 2, Let There Be Carnage, starring the other Tom (Hardy) has been delayed once again. Our insider claims it has everything to do with the upcoming conclusion to the Disney/Marvel Spider-Man movies.


It has been confirmed that Tom Holland will have a very small cameo in Sony’s Venom sequel. Holland’s Peter Parker was initially cut out off the first Venom movie because Marvel/Disney boss, Kevin Feige, didn’t want the Sony universe to collide with his own.

However, shortly after Disney forced Sony to cut the Tom Holland cameo from Venom, the deal fell apart. Disney didn’t only want Sony to have no creative input, nor link, to the Marvel Cinematic Universe but they demanded a whole lot more for the film despite only being able to make Spider-Man movies because Sony agreed to lend them the license.

Spider-Man to feature in Venom 2 through Spider-Verse plot
Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to appear in post-credit Venom 2 scene to tease crossover.

After a small conflict both Sony and Disney went back to the negotiating table and banged out a deal that included more money for the Mouse House as well as a promised Spider-Man and Venom crossover.

A source close to Disney told us that Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage will set the stage for a crossover that will end with Holland’s Spider-Man in the Sony-Marvel universe.

According to our source the upcoming Spider-Man movie will explain how Marvel’s Peter Parker ends up in Sony’s universe… and it has everything to do with the multiverse.

Carnage in Venom 2
Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage release date delayed until October.

At the end of Spider-Man 3: No Way Home, Peter Parker will be sent through will use portals to travel to different dimensions in order to find his a living alternative version of his fallen mentor Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. Unfortunately Spidey’s plan goes awry and gets transported to the Venom universe.

Sony will have the rights to use Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the third, final, and currently untitled Venom movie where he will have to face off against Eddie Brock/Venom in the Sony Universe.

The insider claims that this is the reason why Sony have, again, delayed the release of Venom 2; because they want all it to release in tandem with Spider-Man 3: No Way Home.

According to Variety, Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage will now be released on October 14th only two months before Spider-Man 3: No Way Home hits cinemas across the globe.

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