“We believe you!” Johnny Depp emotional after fans support


Fan recalls how Johnny Depp nearly broke down crying when she told him, “we believe you and we’re on your side.”

Fans support an believe him: Over the course of the last six years, Johnny Depp has been to the depths of hell and back. Because of the lies told by his ex-wife, who has a proclivity for lying, the A-list Hollywood actor’s name has been dragged through the mud and his career has been threatened; that’s why the support of fans means so much to him.

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A fan recalls her encounter with Johnny Depp during the 19th Alice Nella Cittá film festival in Rome in October, saying that she saw a tear and his eyes and felt him tremble when she hugged him.

The 58-year-old actor stopped to take selfies with fans who lined the streets outside the venue ahead of his masterclass, and of them was lucky enough to get a hug.

“There were so many people there, I didn’t actually think he’d see me, but when he approached the end of the line he was in earshot from me, I didn’t have anything to sign so I just asked if I could get a hug,” said Coralie, a 33-year-old fan.

Image credit: Daniele Venturelli/WireImage via DailyMail.

“He chuckled and said, ‘sure!’ I was estatic. I really couldn’t believe he said yes.” She continued: “He received over the barrier and gave me the warmest hug.”

“My head was right there on his shoulder and I said, ‘we believe you and we’re all on your side.”

Coralie could feel Depp’s body tremble as he pulled away.

“He looked at me, and I could tell he really needed to hear those words. He adjusted his glasses and said, ‘thank you so much.’ It looked like he was about to cry. I just wanted to hug him again.”

In an interview on Rome public access TV, Depp was told that the people of Rome support Depp, to which he responded: “If that’s the truth then I would say that they couldn’t love me nearly as much as I love them, but I appreciate the sentiment. It’s been such a beautiful and warm welcome.”

After his legal team and a large number of independent researchers discovered various lies told by Amber Heard, Jonny Depp has been vindicated in the eyes of the general public. Heard’s involvement in the case, however, will not be done until next year, when Depp plans to sue her for a Washington Post story in which she intentionally lied about him.

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Earlier this year, Adam Waldman, Depp’s attorney and confidant, released previously unseen police body camera footage of Amber Heard’s alleged “violent” altercation with Johnny Depp in 2016, which she claims was the reason for her divorce from Depp. The video clearly showed that she embellished her story about the altercation in order to smear Depp’s reputation.

Whether or not you believe and support Johnny Depp, several experts believe that the video, as well as many other photo indescepencies, will serve as the “smoking gun” proof that would finally lead to Amber Heard being found guilty of slander in her upcoming lawsuit against the network in 2022.

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