Woman living under rock: Doesn’t know who Keanu Reeves is


An excited woman asks her daughter to take picture of her with Keanu Reeves but what she gets a viral TikTok video instead.

TikTok user JustAlexBennett thought that her mother was being a bit loopy when she asked her to take a picture of her with someone famous. What she didn’t know is that person was the real Keanu Reeves.


A video is circulating on TikTok for entirely the wrong reasons. Alex Bennet thought it would be amusing to record her mother freaking out over seeing her favourite celebrity and requesting a photo with him. Rather than that, Alex decided to prank her mother by filming the encounter and uploading it to TikTok.

“It’s Keanu Reeves and I’m going to go take a picture with him,” the excited mother said. “Do you know him?”

Alex admitted that she had no idea who Keanu Reeves was but insisted on accompanying her mother, Kim, and photographing her.

Surprisingly the man in the video is the real Keanu Reeves but instead of taking a picture of her mother with the Matrix actor, she records a video and uploads it to TikTok.

Girl doesn't know Keanu Reeves: Matrix Resurrection (2021)
Girl doesn’t know Keanu Reeves: Matrix Resurrection (2021)

“She’s not going to be happy when she realises I made a TikTok with it,” Alex admits with a big grin on her face. However, she was not expecting what happens next.

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After uploading the video to TikTok people were actually shocked that the person filmed in the video was the real Keanu Reeves.

“The audacity of this TikTok,” one user commented.

“You don’t know Keanu Reeves??? That’s shameful. He’s is the best,” another wrote.

As it turns out JustAlexBennett was not joking, she had no idea who Keanu Reeves was. However, she was thrilled that she managed to capture the moment on video and share it with the world on TikTok. Seriously, who doesn’t know who Keanu Reeves is?

The video now has over 1.5M views and 202K likes on TikTok. Keanu Reeves will return as Neo in the highly anticipated sequel The Matrix: Resurrection this boxing day.

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