Woman who Amber Heard alleged Johnny Depp threatened speaks out!


Another witness from Hicksville speaks out against Amber Heard—this time the woman whom Amber Heard alleged Johnny Depp accosted and threatened to break her wrist!

Morgan Higby Night testified against Amber Heard’s verifiably false allegations and stated that he observed Amber Heard (self proclaimed former lesbian) being jealous, angry, and nasty to Johnny Depp and other visitors at Hicksville. Now, a second witness has come forward to support his account, and she is the woman Amber Heard claims Depp assaulted.


Amber Heard and Johnny Depp slept at the Hicksville Pine Bud and Breakfast trailer palace. The trailer palace’s creator testified that Amber Heard was angry and belligerent the night she claims Depp abused her. Morgan Night said that he observed Amber Heard exhibiting possessive tendencies and verbally abusing Johnny to the point that he retreated into his shell.

“It was rather strange to see and adult man cower to woman much younger than he,” Mr Night said while he recounted the details of that evening.

Amber Heard had previously testified that Johnny Depp got drunk, violent, jealous, and threatened a lesbian that night at the Hicksville trailer palace. According the the b-list actress, he got so jealous that he grabbed a woman by the wrist and threatened to crush it if she continued to flirt with Amber Heard.

Despite having heard Mr. Night’s testimony, Heard’s attorney accused him of being a Johnny Depp superfan seeking his 15 minutes of fame. Amber Heard testified that Mr. Night was lying and that she never saw him that night when she took the stand for the final time.

However, a another witness from that night has come forward to support Morgan Night’s account, and it’s the girl who Amber Heard says flirted with her.

“I’m the innkeeper Morgan mentioned. JD [Johnny Depp] invited me to play guitar and chat w him around fire. Was there the next A.M. around the sconce talk also. Diff recollection indeed. Was shocked to see not only AH [Amber Heard] falsifying, but also Whitney and pals as well. I’m not afraid to tell the truth,” the witness wrote.

Amber Heard loses it: claims Johnny Depp grabbed "lesbian" and threatened to break her wrist.
Amber Heard loses it and claims Johnny Depp grabbed “lesbian” and threatened to break her wrist.

Jenna claims to be the innkeeper at the trailer palace in Hicksville and she is recognised by the founder of the bud and breakfast business, Morgan Higby Night.

She confirmed that Amber Heard was the one that was jealous, that she yelled and abused Johnny Depp, and that he did not trash the apartment.

She continued: “Also want to say- there is no bias involved, this is about truth and principle for me. If it were the other way around & JD had accused AH of trashing the trailer when it wasn’t trashed, then I would be on here backing AH’s story. Facts are facts no matter who they’re coming from.”

“Like Morgan, I am not a Johnny Depp fan, nor am I a sycophant of anybody. I have no adulation for him or his celebrity. Maybe that’s why we felt comfortable with each other. I appreciate him as a person for how he treated me like a human being, with kindness and respect. Simple.”

Her accounts of meeting Johnny align with so many others who have been fortunate enough to meet the Hollywood super star. According to many, Depp is a very humble guy who treats everyone with respect and dignity.

“In light of Amber testifying vehemently under oath this morning that Morgan Night was not even at Hicksville (and therefore I also apparently didn’t exist either), allow me to tell you a story from that night,” Jenny said.

“There was another instance of AH’s jealousy I experienced at the campfire that Morgan was inside for. Johnny Depp and I had been playing guitar and chatting for quite some time at the fire. We weren’t engaging AH and her friends during this, just each other. Really hitting it off.”

Morgan Night testifues. (Photo by JIM WATSON / POOL / AFP) (Photo by JIM WATSON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
Morgan Night testifies. (Photo by JIM WATSON / POOL / AFP) (Photo by JIM WATSON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Jenna seems to be the lady who Amber Heard alleges was flirting with her, as well as the woman that Johnny Depp is believed to have grabbed, harassed, and intimidated. Both of these allegations have been made by Amber Heard. But all night long, Jenna did nothing more than play guitar beside Johnny Depp, which made Amber Heard very unhappy.

“At one point I kept glancing over and noticing AH sitting silently across the fire & glaring at us. Specifically me. She was throwing daggers in my direction- Head tilted down with an icy expression on her face just staring at me. This was starting to make me very uncomfortable.

[mv_video doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” jsonLd=”true” key=”jsqch73wk0ypdikmgsl4″ ratio=”16:9″ thumbnail=”https://mediavine-res.cloudinary.com/video/upload/jsqch73wk0ypdikmgsl4.jpg” title=”Amber Heard’s lawyer fan-girls Depp in 2013″ volume=”70″]

“I got the feeling she was jealous, upset that JD & I were talking so much & that he was not engaging her & her friends. So after a while of this I looked over at Amber & cracked a joke to try & break the ice…”

To lighten the mood, Jenna performed a song for Amber Heard, which the Aquaman actress most likely saw as a flirtatious attempt on Jenna’s part.

Jenna proof
Jenna, lesbian accused of flirting with Amber Heard, posts proof that she was at the Hicksville Pines resort during Depp/Heard argument.

“I playfully said, ‘Hey Amber, your man is really charming and handsome and all, but don’t worry, I’m a full-on lesbian!’ and laughed. Johnny laughed also and said, ‘Yeah Amber can’t you tell? It’s obvious!’ Which was absolutely hilarious.

“Then her expression went from an icy glare to her face immediately breaking into a beaming smile and she said, ‘Oh my god, I was a lesbian too before I met Johnny! I was married to a woman for like 5 years!‘ I remember that quote verbatim.

“I remember thinking well, you either are a lesbian or you aren’t, regardless of what man comes along. It’s okay to be bisexual! But I just laughed and said that’s great Amber.

“I remember it unnerving me how quickly her face, behavior changed in an instant. But I was just glad it broke the tension. She was nicer and more easy-going for a little while after that. Eventually she went back to seeming upset that Johnny Depp and I were still talking.”

Amber Heard retreated to the trailer, and it seems probable that she was the person who smashed the light fixture, even if she later blamed Johnny Depp for it.

Joshua Tree, California.
Hicksville Pines bud and breakfast at Joshua Tree, California.

Jenna’s story is backed up two witnesses; Mr Night who is the founder of the bud and breakfast resort and Christie C, the manager.

“I was Hicksville manager and there that morning with Morgan and Jenna before Amber Heard and Johnny Depp checked out. I cleaned the trailer, so I saw the state of it. Morgan’s testimony is true. Trailer was not trashed. Only thing was wall sconce. None of us were upset about it like Amber claimed,” Christie C tweeted.

In addition, this will be the umpteenth time that Amber Heard has committed perjury under oath in relation to the defamation prosecution she is currently facing. The disgraced actress gave false testimony not only in the court in the United Kingdom but also in the court in Australia. Both of her VISAs in their respective countries have been suspended awaiting the outcome of the investigations into the perjury offences she has committed.

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