YouTube approved adult ad for ‘Invite Me’ online dating app


An erotic ad for the online dating app Invite Me is running on some YouTube videos despite Google’s strict ‘no sexual content’ rule.

Many content creators are getting demonetised, while some are receiving community guidelines strike, for nudity and sexual content yet YouTube is approving highly sexualised, very adult, advertisements and running them on family friendly videos.

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YouTube has been called out for being a bit strict when it comes to enforcing some of their newly penned policy violations. The problem is due to the interpretation of these new rules by YouTube moderators and that is why YouTube is not consistent with their handling of said violations.

While some YouTubers have received strikes for ‘hateful conduct’ for simply calling someone fat, others may make outrageous and slanderous comments and allegations against someone and not be punished.

There is definite bias when it comes to what channels get hit the hardest by the policy review team at YouTube, however, when it comes to ‘nudity and sexual content’ there really should be no room for interpretation; sadly, this isn’t the case.

A small Australian YouTuber was livestreaming Overwatch and he used fanart one of the game’s heroes, Pharah, as his thumbnail. YouTube gave him a strike for ‘nudity and sexual content’ and rejected his appeal.

Now it seems as though advertisers are allowed to violate these policies as much as they want. YouTube approved an advert for the adult only video dating app Invite Me which shows a girl fondling her own breasts while pleasuring herself.

VIDEO: YouTube approved highly sexual Invite Me ad plays on family friendly videos.

The identity of the model in the advert is unknown and it is likely that the video was stolen to make a cheap ‘love sells’ ad for YouTube. If you know the model, please contact us.

Do you think this ad should be allowed on YouTube’s platform considering their strict ‘no nudity and sexual content’ policy? Let us know in the comments below.

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