5 real reasons you should definitely not visit Australia


Australia is bloody amazing but it’s not perfect. There are plenty of reasons why one should maybe think twice about visiting, or even moving, here.

So, you are ready to commit on purchasing that plane ticket and making the journey all away across the planet to the massive land that is girt by seas. Don’t get too excited just yet… here’s why.

Did you know?

As an Aussie there’s plenty to be proud of when you’re young and free. Australia really is like no other country. It is a land abounds in nature’s gifts; beautiful, rich, and rare.

Sounds fantastic, right? That’s because it truly is… but it aside from Australia’s bountiful nature and wildlife, there’s a much dodgier side… something you don’t hear or read about when planning your travels… yet Aussies have to deal with it on a daily basis.

For those who don’t have time to read, you can watch the 5 reasons not to visit Australia video!

Read on or watch the video above. Here are 5 real reason you should not come to Australia.

Our cops are jerks

Aussie Australian cops are jerks

5 reasons not to visit Australia: Cops sucks.

Okay, not all cops, but most, and even then it isn’t really their fault. Aussie cops have ticket quotas they must meet. But for public relation reasons they call it ‘productivity goals’.

This means that if the cop who pulls you over isn’t booking enough people he will either find, or make up a reason, to give you a ticket. Yeah, Aussie cops will literally stalk you until you make the tiniest mistake and then treat you like hardened criminal for it.

Here are just some things that Aussie cops can fine you for:

  • Forgetting your wallet at home.
  • Having a big mudflaps on your push bike.
  • Parking in your own driveway.
  • Drinking a beer outside in the sun.
  • Drinking water while in the driver seat of your car.
  • Being in possession of car/house keys while intoxicated.
  • Riding your bike while under the influence.

It’s very expensive

Australia is expensive

Real reason you should not visit Australia: Too expensive.

Australia may be cheap compared to Norway, but if you are travelling from Europe or North America, you will find everything reaaallly expensive. That’s because Aussie taxes are really high.

Thanks to GST, income, and hundreds of other taxes, businesses need to jack up their prices just to.. well… remain in business. A decent bottle of wine will cost you A$20. Public transport will cost you A$15 a day… and that’s just the basics.

Lockout laws

Australian lockout laws are dumb.

Australian lockout laws are dumb.

In order to keep the streets safer state government’s issued something called a lockout law. What is it, you ask?

Lockout laws mean that after a specific time, the earliest being 1:30AM, a bar will not accept any more patrons. This rule is intended to keep the streets safe, but what it essential does is lock out innocent people with other angry, outraged, and drunken people.

Also, no shots are served after midnight; this includes neat whiskey, and whiskey on the rocks. So, if you are planning to come to Australia to party… maybe don’t?

It’s too humid

Humidity is dangerous

Another reason Australia sucks: humidity.

Ever been in a sauna? Imagine that but just everywhere. Your donning your finest threads then you step aside for only a few minutes and you’re already drenched in your own sweat and other water vapours.

Extreme levels of humidity can be incredible harmful for us, especially if exposed for a prolonged period of time. Notably, high humidity levels can affect allergies and complicate respiratory diseases brought on by certain biological agents such as mites and mildew. So, if you don’t die from sun cancer, you will literally drown from humidity.

Isaac Butterfield

YouTube destroys Isaac Butterfield net worth by demonetising his videos

Isaac Butterfield. Nuff said.

Well, that’s about it. If none of these things bother you and this doesn’t convince that Australia sucks then, by all means, start packing your bags and come visit us downunder in Australia.

Have you ever been to Australia? What did you love and hate about your time here. Let us know in the comments below.

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