Bella Thorne shouldn’t play Ghost Rider, Nicholas Cage should


Disney are considering gender-swapping yet another Marvel superhero as Bella Thorne shared Cosmic Book News article about Ghost Rider.

This Marvel phase really is the for us girls, which is great and all, but when is enough, enough? There’s a bunch of cool new women superheroes already coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among the rumoured is She-Hulk, a lesbian Captain America, Ironheart and, on top of that, the already confirmed The Mighty Thor. Do we need more?

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My answer to that is ‘heck yes!‘ Just please, for the love of everything that’s awesome in this world… not Ghost Rider. Why am I freaking out about this new? It’s simple really. I am a firm believer that nobody but Nicholas Cage is my beloved Ghost Rider. Sure, the movies were, for the lack of a better phrase, something else, but Cage brings something so disturbingly unique to the table, something I feel the MCU desperately needs right now.

I know this might be an extremely unpopular opinion, I get that. Nicholas Cage is the kind of actor you either love or hate, and I love him. But for those of you who fail to understand where I am coming from, this is how I feel: imagine if they swapped Keanu Reeves for Brigette Lundy-Paine in the new Constantine movie? There’s only one Constantine, and that’s Reeves. That’s exactly how I feel about Ghost Rider. Bella Thorne shouldn’t play Ghost Rider. I know this technically wouldn’t be gender-swapping since a female Ghost Rider called Alejandra Jones already exists in the comics, but still, she won’t be nearly as cool as Cage!

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Nicholas Cage is perfect as an unhinged, borderline insane, daredevil. Ghost Rider is something that Cage was born to play. When Disney announced that they were interested in bringing the demon daredevil into the MCU, and that Nicholas Cage might reprise that role, I was besides myself with joy. But now I feel like my dreams have been crapped on.

Nicholas Cage as Ghost Rider in the MCU is perfection!

If you don’t think he has what it takes anymore, you must be kidding yourself. One really needs to look no further than Mandy or even Between Worlds to see that the actor is still perfect for the role. His dark, twisted and twisted performances in those movies are a devilish delight. Besides, he would be better suited as an aged and grizzled old male biker that’s been to hell and back rather than some 20 year old Instagram model.

Bella Thorne and Tana Monguea

No offence to Bella Thorne, I really think she’s great, but there is just no way in hell she can compete against one of my all time favourite actors. Again, I’m sorry, there is only one Ghost Rider and it’s not Bella Thorne. It’s Nicholas Cage. What are your thoughts? Do you think Bella Thorne shouldn’t play Ghost Rider or don’t you care. Leave us know in the comments below.

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