Best places to meet and date your significant other


Stressed about where to meet your — hopefully — significant other? Here are the best placed to meet up for a cosy date!

Different or even comparable stories are uncommon when it comes to how people meet. With the changing times, it is more common now for people to meet their partners online, thanks to online dating. As technology is so integral to our daily lives, it is growing increasingly widespread and will continue to do so.

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There is no right or wrong way to meet someone. Just like everyone will have a preference, and what works for one may not work for another. We explore the various options available to singles on the lookout for love…

Have you ever been on a first date and walked into your destination to find it packed to the rafters? As with most things, there are advantages and disadvantages of dating, no matter what the circumstances. Dating in crowded places certainly has its fair share of ups and downs and can sometimes be a difficult setting if you are trying to seduce your date. Here is a quick run-through of the pros and cons of dating in crowded places;

Pros and cons of dating in crowded places

Pro: You get to show off your date and be proud to have them on your arm.Con: They may catfish you, and you will not want to be seen with them.

Pro: The noise of the crowd that surrounds you can get you out of any awkward silences.

Con: You will struggle to hear your date and could miss a chance to click with them.

Pro: Nothing will be rushed; you can take your time and go with the flow of the evening.

Con: If you have made plans with specific times, this could disrupt your itinerary.

Pro: You get to spend more time with your date and get to know them better.

Con: Queues at the bar, waiting in line, etc. can be frustrating and spoil your date.

Pro: With so many people, it is easy to do a runner if you need to.

Con: It is just as easy for them to do it to you!

Pro: In a busy place, it is possible to run into an ex, act smug, and show you have moved on.

Why are people shy or afraid to meet in public places?

The main reason for this is that they are not entirely confident in their date or comfortable in their company yet. People sometimes prefer to get to know a person privately before being out in public together. That can be down to an introverted personality, a shy character, or just being a private person.

Business couple dating in the cafe

Thankfully, online advancements help you with that, as apps and sites are a massive help to people who feel this way, whether it’s for communication or dating because it allows you to quiz your dates before you go out. Once the interrogation online is over, and you are satisfied with your choice, meeting in public will be less awkward for you both. 

Why dating on dating sites is easier and safer?

There are lots of other options, of course, but they aren’t what people expect of them, like speed dating can be fun and exciting but also short-lived and somewhat unrealistic. Blind dates can go either way but can make both daters extremely apprehensive as neither knows what they are letting themselves in for. Online dating removes all that and lets you get comfortable with someone before taking the plunge. You can extensively review their profile, go through their bio and pictures relentlessly, looking for potential flaws or quiz questions. 

Online dating service

This can go on for weeks or months online if you deem it necessary, and the other person is patient enough to persist with you, of course! The point is, there is less margin for error in person, and it can be embarrassing if you make an error in judgment. Online dating is almost like a try before you buy a deal in a shop. It is like sampling products in a supermarket. You have nothing to lose by trying it and showing a preliminary interest, but there is no pressure because you have not bought it. 

Online dating is also much safer given the strict verification processes in place for members to join and continue to use the sites and apps available. In-person, you are risking meeting people who have not gone through this screening process and could be a threat to you. 

How to get to know each other better and how to attract a potential SO

To get to know your date, always follow their questions up with a question of your own. It shows you are not self-absorbed and want to talk about number one all the time. It also shows you taking an interest in them which will portray you in a good light in their eyes. In terms of attraction to each other, maintaining eye contact is key. Looking into the eyes of your date when you ask them things is important, but what is even more crucial is keeping that eye focused on the point when they talk. It proves you can listen to them intently and they are not boring you.

It has always been unlikely for people to have the same or even similar stories about how they met. Times have changed now, and many people will have met their partners online through online dating. It is increasingly common and will continue to grow as technology remains at the forefront of our lives.

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