Matt Reeves filming extra Batman scenes for Joker 2 tie-in?


Is Matt Reeves considering linking The Batman (2022) movie with the Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker film? Robert Pattinson and Colin Farrell head back to Glasgow to film more scenes.

Sources claim that Matt Reeves is filming extra scenes for The Batman (2022) that will massively impact the story. Could Warner Bros be tying Robert Pattinson’s caped crusader flick with Joaquin Phoenix’s upcoming Joker 2 sequel? It is very possible.

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Although production for Matt Reeves’ The Batman officially wrapped last month, Pattinson and Farrell are back in Scotland for “reshoots”. Perhaps they aren’t actually retaking but rather filming additional scenes to bolster and even change the story Bruce Wayne’s origin story.

Glasgow was as a live stage for Gotham City during filming because of the city’s gothic aesthetic. However, Pattinson and Farrell initially required for those scenes as because they were mostly focused on big set piece action sequences. But something has changed and now two two A-list actors have landed in Scotland.

Glowing London Taxi Light

According to Daily Record, a sources close to the film claimed that Pattinson and Farrell will be present in the city to shoot some “extra footage” for the movie suggesting that this, in fact, is not just a reshoot. The extra footage will be shot in both Glasgow, which is supposed to take a roughly one week, and then later in New York City.

Now We Got This Covered are reporting that “The Batman’s reshoots are significant and will will add a lot.”

“Warner Bros are downplaying the scale of The Batman‘s reshoots,” a source told WGTC, adding “the extra filming is significant as it’ll add a lot to the pic.” Could they be tying Joaquin Phoenix’s, now confirmed and upcoming, Joker 2 sequel to Matt Reeves’ The Batman?

Warner Bros made the decision to film “additional scenes” for the superhero epic shortly after The Hangover trilogy director Todd Phillips was contracted to co-write the sequel for the Joker sequel. Per the The Hollywood Reporter, Todd Phillips will return to writers table for the Joker 2. There’s a good chance that these two announcements are connected.

Left (Dante Pereira-Olson) Right (Robert Pattinson) the new Bruce Waynes

The Batman (2022) has been confirmed to be an origin saga about and Robert Pattinson played a young Bruce Wayne. Pattinson also looks like an older version of Dante Pereira-Olson, the child star who played 12-year-old Bruce Wayne in Joker. Another big takeaway from the Joker is that Author Fleck, played by Joaquin Phoenix, was only 30-years-old in that film. So it isn’t completely out of the realm of possibilities that Pattinson is the Bruce Wayne from Joker just all grown up.

Originally Todd Philips’ Joker was supposed to be a once-and-done type of deal but both Phoenix and Philips were interested to return for sequel, perhaps even a trilogy, after the astounding box office success of the original film. The most obvious conclusion for both films is for both characters to meet their nemesis.

The most likely scenario is that The Batman (2022) will just introduce the connection to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and then be explored in more detail in the Joker 2 (2023) before concluding in a third film.

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