Tash Herz, nobody likes you on MAFS and you’re a disgrace to LGBTQ


Angry reader chimes in on Tash’s and Amanda’s relationship on Married at First Sight, “she’s only in it for the Instagram likes.”

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I was in tears when Channel 9 made history with the first televised lesbian wedding on Married at First Sight, especially because of the Earth moving and heart-warming vows from Amanda.

This was a reason to celebrate, and, when I saw the two of them share their first kiss, I was excited to share in the best and worst of their relationship while watching them find their love for each other and watch it blossom on MAFS.

Did you know: Amanda’s vows on MAFS made us all cry.

“I’m letting her do her thing,” a catty Tash explained to other couples at the show’s first dinner party. “Oh, yeah, she hasn’t met anybody.” Although this was true, Amanda made her intentions perfectly clear at the start of the show; she wasn’t there to party and mingle, she was there to find true love.

MAFS Lebsian first kiss Amanda and Tash

Shawna writes: “Nobody likes Tash Herz; a disgrace to LGBTQ”

It was heart-breaking to see Tash so bluntly crush Amanda’s hopes on dreams on finding love on Married at First Sight… the whole thing, still, is kind of unbelievable. At the wedding she seemed ecstatic and thought Amanda was very beautiful. She said all the right things, and was even the one to call Amanda out for not taking this seriously because she decided not to get back with her ex for the show.

Tash is only on MAFS for Instagram likes an sponsorship deals

As a single lesbian I feel like I really understand Amanda’s woes; it is really hard finding the right person that’s ready to settle down. I know a lot of ladies that, even being lesbian, are still not even comfortable with the thought of marriage and settling down. It’s like been different for so long that it takes time to adjust and even recognise that it’s legal now. There’s a difference, though, between something being legal and something being right… and that’s what a lot of girls still have to wrap their heads around: there’s nothing wrong with two girls getting married and growing old together!

That’s why this wedding meant a lot to me; two brave women ready to show the world that we’re serious about marriage and monogamy, but Tash crapped all over that, not just for me, but for the entire LGBTQ community. Tash Herz is a disgrace.

And just to really rub it in our face that she’s just using the lesbian tag for clout and controversy, she goes and makes out with the next trashiest bride on Married at First Sight; chain smoking, sailor mouthed Haley Vernon. Nobody likes Tash Herz, at least not me… or at least from what I’ve seen.

MAFS Amanda Micallef is the classiest bride, ever…

MAFS Amanda gives me hope that their are other women out their who take the vows of love seriously. The way she presented herself from the start and carried herself through adversity was inspiring to say the least. She is very classy and, honestly, Tash Herz doesn’t deserve her.

MAFS Amanda Micallef is classy

MAFS Amanda Micallef deserves much better, says Shawna. Tash Herz a disgrace to LGBTQ?

I don’t know if I speak on behalf of the community but, Amanda, you are godsend. I have hope now, that one day, I will find someone like you, and I am positive that you will find someone just as wonderful and deserving as you.

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