The BTS McDonald’s meal is as tasteless as the band


McDonald’s Australia are running a BTS promotion on their menu, but what you get is as bland and tasteless as the band themselves, and it is overpriced.

Gen Z kids are rushing to McDonald’s to order the BTS menu, and when we asked them what they think, they told us they’re loving it. The only only thing is that there is absolutely nothing special about this BTS menu, it is just rebranded Chicken McNuggets.

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McDonald’s Australia just added The BTS Meal to their menu and Gen Z kids are literally lining up to get a taste of their favourite K-pop artists. We asked 10 BTS fans what they think of the new menu and they were excited to share their thoughts about … Chicken McNuggets.

“It’s definitely my favourite thing to order here,” an excited BTS fan told us when we asked them what they thought of The BTS Meal.

BTS Meal McDonald's

“Is this something you would order a lot from McDonald’s?” I asked. “Or do you prefer KFC or Hungry Jacks?”

Hungry Jacks, unbeknownst to most non-Australians, is actually Australian fast food franchise of the Burger King Corporation. It was originally called Hungry Jacks because there was already a registered business with the Burger King name at the time. And when the Burger King Corporation finally obtained the rights to the name, they went behind Hungry Jacks and tried to open competitive stores in gas stations around the country. The CEO later sued the corporation and won.

Now McDonald’s are threatening Hungry Jack with a lawsuit for new menu item, The Big Jack burger, which pokes fun of the Big Mac.


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♬ Butter – 방탄소년단 (BTS)

“I’d eat this every day if I could afford it, I love the chicken nuggets,” the BTS fan replied. Technically the BTS fan could order this item every day if they wanted to. There is absolutely nothing special or exclusive about The BTS Meal; it’s just a large Chicken McNugget meal with shaker fries.

A large BTS Meal will set you back A$13.25 and with it you get 10 Chicken McNuggets with Cajun and Sweet Chili sauce, large fries with a chicken salt shaker packet, and a large drink. The only thing that is really exclusive on this menu is the sauces, they cannot be ordered separately with other items. The sauces are also pretty bland and tasteless.

A large Chicken McNugget deal with a large drink, chicken salt shaker fries, and a dipping sauce costs the same. Essentially, this exclusive BTS Meal is the very same menu item.

BTS Suga McDonalds

‘We know our customers and crew have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of our first celebrity signature order in Australia, and we’re thrilled that the collaboration is finally here,’ Liz Whitbread, McDonald’s senior brand manager, said. 

She alleges that these menu items were hand picked by the popular Korean boy band however the only thing that makes this unique is the two South Korean dipping sauces.

The BTS meal is available now in all McDonald’s fast food restaurants across Australia as well in 50 other countries.

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