Top 3 of the hottest black female singers


Black artists are dominating the top of the charts with their hit songs. But these artists aren’t just revered for their talents, they are bloody hot too.

When asked, “who is one of the hottest singers of all time?” many people will answer “Beyonce” without hesitation, and for a good reason. The 39-year old artist has, time and time again, proven herself to be the queen of pop and she’s got the lot; talent, looks, personality — oh, did we mention looks? Here, in my opinion, are the hottest black female singers of the music industry.

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Everyone knows that the most famous black entertainers of the day are also some of the most beautiful, as well. Over the last decade, we have seen some of the most interesting people come to the forefront of black entertainment.

Take a look at some of the hottest black singers in the industry today and how you can meet a black person to date too. 

How to Meet Hot Black Women

Meeting hot black women who are looking for romance and excitement is not as difficult as you might imagine. A lot of people think it’s hard to do because these women are so rare in their area, or they are too busy to go out to places where they are gathered to meet them. Instead, a better idea is to use a dating website dedicated to meeting black ladies.

Close up attractive African American couple making a selfie with cute gesture

The Blackwink platform is an online dating community that immediately solves the greatest challenge of dating black people by giving users access to thousands of black people around their service area. The dating site makes it easy to forge connections between people while also making it easy to look for partners with a lot in common.

When you look at those aspects of the site together, you can clearly see why so many people prefer to meet black dates online. That way, users can meet lots of different people from all walks of life from their phones or computers. The searching portion of the dating site ensures anyone can find an attractive match based on their standards. All these elements make online dating the premier means to find attractive black singers. 

The Hottest Black Performers Today and How They Attract Audiences

Many of the hottest black performers have emerged over the last decade, and newer ones have come in recent years. We have come up with a list of the hottest black performers in the industry today, and we’re going to tell you what has made their act so famous and how they will continue to dominate the charts. From great voices to rocking bodies, many reasons exist for these ladies gaining fame.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of these famous names in the present day so you can see why they’re so engaging. 


Rihanna is an incredibly big name in the world of music. She is equally famous for her individual singing roles as well as her guest roles. Although she is not as prolific with her singing as she once was in the past, the fact is that Rihanna is still amazingly beautiful. She has managed to keep audiences entranced with her looks as well as her unique voice. Unfortunately, she has gotten a bad reputation as a live singer, but her studio albums are still great. 


Beyonce figure

Beyonce is an all-around threat in terms of entertainment. She is a singer, actor, dancer, and renowned beauty. She has become most attractive to people for her toned body as well as her dancing skills. Of course, it is impossible to ignore Beyonce’s incredible voice because that is what has propelled her to fame to start. She is one of the most desirable black singers to ever grace the stage. She’s also the first name that pops in mind when you think of the hottest black singers!

Cardi B

Cardi B

One of the most famous and ostentatious singers of the modern era is Cardi B. She is known for her unique voice and trilling along with being one of the most outgoing people on social media. Her accessibility to her fans has made her famous, as has her amazing body and willingness to show it off in beautiful outfits. Her on-stage persona has granted her an amazing following, and people show their loyalty to her as one of the rising stars in music today. 



Lastly, we have Lizzo, a singer that has emerged in the last few years. She is considered attractive by many people because she is thicker than most other people and flaunts her curves. On the stage, she is known for being so entertaining by integrating her flute into her performances. Another interesting thing about Lizzo is that she has been a noteworthy user of online dating in recent years. During times when she has been single, she has made a show of going on dating sites to find dates, even as a very famous person. 

The hottest black singers out there today are making people very interesting in dating black people. Many people feel that black people are not entirely approachable because they do not live near them, but online dating sites are making it easier to bridge the gap. Nowadays, people attracted to black individuals only need to become a member of one of the top dating sites attuned for black people. Hot black singers even use those sites on their own! The world of black dating is completely open!

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